Thursday, October 30, 2008

Contemporary Office Furniture

When you 1st enter a house what is the 1st thing that you will notice, their furniture and house set up right? The same goes with the office; you’ll notice the set-up, the furniture, the employees and how professional they deliver the service. As like what people always say, 1st impressions always lasts, it’s like your office is the representation of your business. Your clients will definitely find it more appealing to deal with you when your office is presentable and professional. Aside from that, not only your clients will find your office neat and welcoming but your employees as well. You’ll realize that the result will also be productive when their work areas are workable and they have the best furniture to work around.

Ethan Paul’s Lifetyle site proves to be a good source of durable and high quality contemporary office furniture for your office. They offer Office Chairs, Reception Furniture, Office Desks, File Cabinets and more. Plus they also have Office Decors that can add accent to your office. They have wide choices for you to choose from and you’ll find their website very easy to navigate and every item comes with a photo, description and price for easy assessment. If you are planning to buy office furniture it is the perfect time for they are having current promotions on their products. Go check them out to see more of their items.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekend Shopping

Finally, after months of not shopping I went to the mall and splurge a bit. Last Sunday my niece and I went to SM mall here in our town. We first stopped at the Optometrist Shop and I looked for new glasses. I might come back some other day for my check up and hopefully get the much awaited glass that I really need for my eyes. I hope this time the specs will be so perfect for my eyes and I can use the glasses w/o me ranting how bad it was just like my old pair.

The main purpose why we went ot SM is to buy a new bag for myself, I don't need a leather bag but just a cloth type bag that I can use everyday. I was able to buy an everyday bag from Cose that I can use here when I go here at my shop. It was actually same as my niece bec. it has lots of pockets and is wide inside. I also bought a flip flops just a banana peel brand, I don't care if it is not a Havainas or whatever expensive brand there is.We also passed by the watch section where I drool over at Guess, DKNY, Fossil and other brands. My eyes are really popping out seeing all the displays that I am seeing. My niece also wanted to buy an eyeliner so we had a free testing on Maybelline and Revlon's samples. We also bought some papers and offcie supplies at National bookstore.

Monday, October 27, 2008

SALE: Lighting Fixtures and more

Holidays are coming and most often than not every household would like to have nice new decors on their homes and it is a perfect time to replace all those old furniture at home. Some may opt for changing their sofas and lighting at home. If you are meaning to change or maybe want to add some light fixtures for your homes, this SALE over at Lighting Show Place is a good steal.
There are vast styles that you can choose from, great savings for this good deal. Bathroom fixture, chandeliers, wall lanterns, lamps, kitchen faucets and whole lot more. They also offer free shipping when your purchased over $75.

Are you Trick or Treating This Year?

Halloween is upon us in few more days and have you already bought your Halloween costumes that you will be wearing? Just in case you have nothing to wear then I suggest you could easily copy Sarah Palin Halloween costume that I posted a while back. It is for sure a hit. I was at the SM mall yesterday with my niece and it's nice to be on the shopping mode again about so many months of not going to malls (I am saving for a project next month that is why).

This year, we are not going or participating in any Halloween Party or Trick or Treatin' at any malls bec. we have not prepared for it and I think we have passed that stage already where we bring the kids. Wish we can still do that but really we have no plans of doing that. I have seen lots of nice masks and costume for sale at the shops and the mall is already in Halloween theme. What about you, are you Trick or Treating this year? Care to share what kind of costumes you are having this time? I hope you'll all have a blast.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get the Sarah Palin Halloween Costumes

There's no doubt that Sarah Palin is the hot talk all over the world. She's been the talk of the town and of course joke of the town. She has been imitated by many and I guess she gained more popularity over these. I am sure she is loving all the attention that she is getting and some enterprising individuals are even making items out of her name.

This coming Halloween, I guess one of the blockbuster attire that will show up in the parties and contest well of course is the Sarah Palin Halloween Costumes. Why not? She is very easy to copy and you can even buy them at Amazon.

Popular Sarah Palin's Halloween Costumes are:
1. Sarah Palin's wig
2. Sarah Palin's mask
3. Sarah Palin's square eyeglasses
4. Sarah Palin's sash
5. Sarah Palin's power suit

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hot Buys: Unlocked Cellphones

With over hundreds or thousands of cellphone units in the market today, techie people will now have many options to choose when it come to styles or functions. Some are just contented on having the ability to text or call only while others have primary concerns like the net capability, multi- media accessibility, and more. Nokia has also many unlocked cell phones series like this Nokia N95 with a GPS ability. Unlocked Phones are hot buys bec. sim cards can be used on different network carriers.

Blair Waldorf on Thanksgiving

Blair Waldorf's fashion have become infectious that many girls would love to steal her fashion style. Here she is spotted on Thanksgiving and just in case you want to know where you can get similar clothes that she is wearing here then just click on the image you'll find out where.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


TV is one of the most used appliance in our homes and one of the most purchased one. Its styles, features and functions has evolved through the years as new designs come up every time to satisfy consumers needs and wants. When we watch our fave show or movie we always wanted to view it crystal clear and with no "noise" on the screen. LCD HDTV (Liquid Crystal Display High Definition TV) have become popular bec. of it's crystal clear reception and it's low power consumption. They can be in stand or wall mounted that comes in various brands like Samsung, Sony, Philips, Toshiba and more.

I bet a 32" or 47" screen monitor will revolutionize your viewing experience to the max. Is it on your list this Christmas?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

So what is the magic Las Vegas has that is why it is one of the most popular destinations by tourists, celebrities, sports fans and more? Las Vegas, the bustling and like they say the “city that never sleeps’ has always been the center for almost anything that people can go to and enjoy. Aside from the famous casinos and shopping areas, Vegas always hold world’s famous shows like concerts, fashion shows and more.

Vegas also is a world class sporting venue like boxing, football and other popular sports. While big time celebrities (or not) see it as the perfect place to go tie the knot. With all the many attractions that Vegas can offer to us there’s no doubt that hotel in las vegas are always booked in peak seasons. My bro and my relatives in the US have been there and they have only good words to say about the city. And it is memorable for my uncle and bro bec. they even won a good amount of $ when they won at the slot machine. Wish I can experience this city as well in the future.

Job Descriptions Manager

Are you completing your curriculum vitae but can’t seem to finish it bec. you are lost of words on what data will you put in? Just to let you know there are job descriptions managers available online to help you be more professional? It is designed to create and systematize your job descriptions that will save you time and a very practical tool for any professionals. Sometimes it pays off when you present neat and professional looking vitae when you want to land the job that you wanted.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Juicy Juicy Couture

Happened to pass by again at JUICY COUTURE while today while browsing for some good finds online. It was long time since I've been there and I noticed about the big change in their website. It is now interactive and funky and more juicy products are added in their shop as well. If you love Juicy Couture then this is the time for you to go their for they also have SALE ongoing there. Who knows you might fill up your cart with your loots eh. Hmmm How i'd wish I have lots of money to spend shopping online.

The Face says it all

How many times have you seen commercials on TV about beauty and acne treatment? With so many products out there in the market today like Zyporex, consumers are really baffled on what really works. I guess going directly on your dermatologist will save you from buying and trying lots of treatments. Plus it will not only save you money but it will save your face from being more harmed by putting different kinds of solutions that sometimes it can aggravate your acne more. Pricking is also not recommended as it will leave scars that is hard to remove or sometimes will not go away. I am guilty of that sometimes but I am avoiding them as much as I can.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Health Care System

Every nation would make it a point to give a good health care system for their citizens. But what would citizens do if they are not given priority? Always much affected are those poor ones bec. with their financial difficulties they’d always not get good health care. There is no reason not to believe why there are many deaths due to illnesses due to poverty.

I guess, the health care system in the US is no exception, there are also problems underlying there and Dan P Neumeister shares his opinions about health care issues on his weblog. He is in the health care business for nearly 30 years now and with his expertise he was able to lead the expansion emergency rooms, brand new maternity center, and new surgical-unit suites that can serve a lot of patients. He is also the former Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Enloe Health System and Senior Executive responsible for the Medical Center.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Hey there mommies, Halloween is just near and have you already thought what costume you want your kids to wear this time? I bet you are already looking for cute designs that can make your child stand out among the rest of the kids doing the trick or treatin'. I reckon those fairy and witch costumes are already boring and they have been worn by thousands of kids already so i thought you need to find your kids some cute and unique ones.

Just take a look at that Lobster and Little frog costumes and they definitely are cute. They are available from TARGET, at $47.99( lobster) while the frog is only for $24.99. get them before they are out of stock. Oh btw, they have other cute Halloween costumes for kids that you can find. You can also find some nice ones at AMAZON.

But if you still like the princess or the butterfly costumes GYMBOREE is having a 50% discount on their kids Halloween costumes. That fairy costume is $34.50.
And mommies don't miss OLD NAVY's HALLOW
EEN SALE, their costumes for kids are a steal from only $10 to $14.00 , go now for sure they are selling like hotcakes.!!!

Books as Gifts

Just one of the traits that I admire at people is when they have the intense passion to read books most especially those intellectual stimulating books bec. to tell you frankly I wish I am like that. 2 of my nieces are gifted with such ability and I can say reading books widens and broadens anyone’s vocabulary and intelligence. I often see them reading thick books with deep stories (not teen romance-they don’t like ‘em) and I was often amazed with that. I am sure as they will mature more and will have other interests I am pretty sure that one day they will even read books about politics or business like that of Dennis C Carey CEO Succession book that can stimulate them more. With their interests in books, you know what we don’t have any hard time thinking what to give them for their b-days and Christmas as books will come easy as our preference. At least we’ll not have a hard time finding of thinking a perfect gift for them.

Health is Wealth

With all the China milk scare incident that we are facing today, we can’t hide the fact that there is really a concern about health and well being of people. It is sometimes alarming to hear about those kinds of problems where not only small group of people are affected. In this case many of the Asian countries are strictly banning milk and milk products that are coming from China, and that also includes some of the famous chocolates in the market today and that is a major concern.

Food safety is really important and that is why every health dept. of every nation is there to protect their citizens and there has been EcoQuest Intl advanced ionization research for food safety article that has done long time ago to somewhat learn how to combat certain pathogens that can cause disease to humans. If you also remember, there is also the foot and mouth disease that lead to some deaths. In this age we need to be careful on what we eat and we should also keep our environment clean.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Unique Fun Toys from Ikea

I know Christmas is still months away but don't you think this is the perfect time now to look for some presents for your kids? There are many benefits of shopping early, you can actually browse for more new items while they are still on stock coz we all know that nice toys are easy to be sold out. Take a look at that swivel chair, i reckon that is soooo cute, kids can play with that too while they can still use it to maybe sit while eating or reading. IKEA, never fails to bring new contemporary designs for our house and more,. You just got to love IKEA.

Flawless Skin

Lucky are those that still have youthful, flawless skin even regardless of their age. I always envy women who have been blessed with a nice facial skin that comes naturally and that they don’t need any facial or acne treatments just to maintain it. For those unfortunate ones, having acnes most especially those big reddish and sometimes pussy one can be so intimidating and degrading at times. They say that drinking lots of waters, eating veggies and lots of fruits help hydrate our skin. Clean living as well helps like no smoking, no drinking and having a good night sleep. But despite all of that there are still people that will still have breakouts and that requires a visit to the dermatologist already. Just a word of advice, please DON’T prick your acnes coz it will leave a scar.!

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