Saturday, November 21, 2020

Proper Care of Your Handgun

Any handgun, including the Sigsaur p320, will only function reliably if it is properly maintained. Failing to care for your firearms could result in malfunctions and injury to yourself. Therefore, you need to know how to care for them properly.

Pistol Disassembly

The first step is to unload your pistol. After this, you should lock the slide open. At this point, you need to locate your takedown lever and turn it. Then, disconnect the slide catch lever. You will then be able to guide the remove the receiver. Once you have the slide, you will be able to remove the recoil spring. Then, you should remove the barrel from the slide.

Magazine Disassembly

Once you have disassembled the pistol, remove the magazine and locate the floorplate. You will need to find the release tab and use a tool to use it. Then, you can remove the spring from inside the magazine.


Once you have disassembled your firearm, you can clean it. This should be done every time the weapon is shot. To clean your firearm, you will need cleaning patches, a rag, a bore brush, a cleaning rod, cleaner, lubricant, and any other tools your owner's manual recommends.

It would be best if you started with your slide. Start by wiping it with a rag. Use your cleaner to remove any residue. Make sure there is no debris or residue on your slide. You may need to use quite a bit of cleaner to remove all the buildup. Once it is clean, lubricate all the external parts. Do not lubricate the striker. Once this task is complete, continue wiping the residue from the barrel, recoil spring, frame, and magazine. After finishing, reassemble your firearm and magazine.

If you want your handguns to operate at their peak performance, you will need to care for them. Be sure to disassemble and clean your firearm after each use.

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