Monday, October 24, 2016

The Great Brazilian Madness Sale

Prepare for the Biggest Sale of the Year! THE GREAT BRAZILIAN MADNESS is back! Grab your favorite brazilian footwear brand, IPANEMA, GRENDHA, RIDER and ZAXY for PHP500 and below at TRINOMA ACTIVITY CENTER from Oct 26-29, 2016 only!

See you there!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Guitar Center Shop

These days there are more people who are enjoying playing musical instruments. In fact, my nephew is one of them who just learned how to play an acoustic guitar. He is really interested in learning the instrument so he enrolled himself in a crash course one school break. He learned the basics and gained a lot of tips from their mentors.

Their recital is very to him so he tag along his parents to watch him and he did it with flying colors. He even bought a guitar for himself of course with the help of his parents. They scoured online guitar center shop and local stores but they end up buying at a local store after getting a decent discount from the owner. These days it's really easy to buy musical stuff with just few clicks on your computer.

Superhero Tutu Dress Costume Marvel Universe Halloween Fancy Dress for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner once again and do you already have a costume for your kids? Here's a super cute Superhero Tutu Dress Costume Marvel Universe Halloween Fancy Dress that I found at e-bay...

Photo by: 7th Avenue Store

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