Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nicki Minaj for MAC's 2013 Viva Glam campaign

Nicki Minaj is the spokesperson for 2013 MAC's Viva Glam campaign and her new lipstick for MAC is lavender shade called Viva Glam Nicki 2 and it will be on shelves on Feb. 9, 2013. The good news is that all the sales of the lipsticks will be donated to help fight HIV and AIDS.

Donating to Cancer Research

I could not imagine how anyone can battle deadly cancer. When we hear about cancer we often associate it with terminal disease and even death that is why we always feel devastated to know someone who has cancer and especially if we are the one stricken by deadly cancer.

Our doctors always say that at the earliest sign of any suspected disease, going to the doctor for check up is always the best for there are some types of cancer wherein the spread of the cancer cells are minimizes or put at halt when it is diagnosed at an early stage. It’s also good to know that doctors and scientists are doing their very best to find cure for cancer. They are doing research, clinical trials and diagnostic testing for possible cure and development of new drug or even machines that can help in the prevention and cure of cancer.

We can also do our part by donating any amount that we can for cancer research at wherein they are already testing new chemotherapy drug for breast cancer patients where the cancer has already spread in their brains. We always hope that this trial can help breast cancer cures all patients. I just hope that their medical research and development projects can find new life-saving drugs and advance medical gadgets to cure all cancer patients.

Makeup Brushes and its Uses

If you're into makeup you better know about different kinds of brushes and its uses. I definitely need to buy the right brushes that I can use personally.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Furnace Cleaning Specialist

When it’s winter, one of the things that you would not want to happen to you and your family is to feel cold inside your home. Winter can be fierce especially when thick snow is covering your house and around town. Most of the houses need to have heating system so that you can go through till the end of winter time. Your heating system like other machines or gadgets that we own need to be maintained and cleaned from time to time.

Even before winter begins, every household need to set a date wherein you can call furnace specialist like furnace cleaning calgary if you’re in that area. Cleaning and maintaining your furnace most of the times can save you more money. It’s always best to know if your furnace is not working just before winter time because if you wait for winter to have your furnace check there are chances that it’ll not work and you’ll be left with a cold house.

Calling the specialist will always help for they have highly trained technicians that will check your furnace. Clearview Plumbing is located at 4805 32 Street Southeast Calgary, AB T2B 2X3 offering various services like plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, drain cleaning, and more. All their works have warranty of one to two years on all parts and labour.

BTW, check out this ClearView deal.

My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is 7 days to go and I'm done with my gifts for my friends and family but I have nothing for myself yet.. yay...I usually buy a lot of things for myself too but this year, I have not done it yet and I planned of getting some for myself before the year ends or maybe at the start of 2013.

Here's what I want...Can I have all of them.?

1. Michael Kors dual-tone watch
@Michael Kors Chronograph Watch

2. Tory Burch 'Bombe' Continental Zip Wallet - Love this Teal Color

3. Coach Madison Leather Accordion Zip= $218 at 

4. Gucci sunglasses


Calgary Furnace Replacement

These days, in our part of the world temperature is dropping day by day making our early mornings and late nights chilly and cold. Our weather bureau even reported that chilly days will stay until January and February. Being in a tropical country, it’s always refreshing to experience cold season every Christmas that sometimes lasts for a month or two. Now we have every reason to get our sweaters or jackets from our closets to get ready for the chilly days ahead.

A friend of mine who migrated in Canada about 4 years ago has been telling me that it’s snowing at their place already.  Even though she’s been living in Canada with her family for a while now, they can’t help but to feel so cold most of the times and still adjusting to the weather. Thankfully they have heaters in their newly constructed house for without it they will not stand the brutal cold temperature of winter. I can only imagine how they are coping and trying to keep warm during winter. I guess they are always seeing to it that their furnace are working properly or else they will look for so they will not left in the cold when it got busted.

Those that are looking for furnace repairs and maintenance, Calgary furnace replacement can always help any household in that area. Like what they say, it’s always good to have your furnace checked or maintained even before winter comes in such a way that no one can experience furnace emergencies in the cold winter days.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fine Art of Wrought Iron and Handrails

Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful house where it can be their haven. You don’t even need to have a castle, mansion or a house fit for a king or queen to have an attractive house. Even if you have a small condo, house or an apartment we can always turn them into a chic home by putting furniture and attractive decors both for indoors and outdoors. A trip to home depots and home exhibits where you find different styles and modern designs for home will definitely give you more inspirations. Apart from that, magazines and online websites that features beautiful homes and home decorating tips can also give more ideas and information.

Apart from furniture and home decors, wrought iron can bring added appeal on every home for it can be used in fences, gates, windows, patio, handrails, doors and many other applications. The different styles, shapes and designs that wrought iron has it can literally change the look of any house or place. Shapes and designs can vary from rosettes, scrolls, flourishes, metal art, etc.

Indital USA, wrought iron and hand railing specialist that started 40 years ago in Schio, Italy and branched out in some parts of the world offers wide range of wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminium products. With over 4 decades of business, they have been providing quality wrought iron railings, hand rails and more.

Here are just some of the beautiful creations that they made.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting Bike Racks For Cars

If you love riding bike and traveling, nothing beats getting a bike rack for your car. It will always be convenient to get bike rack for suvs so you can easily bring your bikes from one place to another especially in long drives without much hassle. Always scour shops for different designs, features and brands of bike racks that will perfectly suit your vehicle. You can choose between a rack that is mounted on top or rear of your car.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Eva Longoria and her Stunning Yellow Blazer

I've always been a huge fan of Eva Longoria when it comes to fashion. I'm pretty sure that some of her fans would even go on their way to spy on her like a paparazzi just to be near her. Not sure though if someone already stalked her in the past that might end up into background checks like the one offering by I know it will be a hassle for her being a celebrity.

Anyway, Eva looks sophisticated and wear any kind of clothes effortlessly. Just love this style where she is wearing a white shirt, white pants, tan heels and yellow blazer that looks so stunning on her.Would like to copy this style soon but I still need to find that perfect candy color yellow blazer that has my size.
image via

Celebrity Closet: Miranda Kerr's Shades of Chambray

Miranda Kerr, an Australian supermodel was seen wearing gray top, a leather shorts, denim chambray shirt, wool-blend coat and suede/leather boots with cat eyewear sunglasses by Miu Miu and Givenchy bag in New York City.

You really don't need to wear the exact brand names of what she is wearing for you can actually find something similar to that. Just experiment and you'll get this look.

Miranda Kerr Mh071112

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Patagonia Clothing

If you love outdoor sports like kayaking, rock climbing, camping, hiking, trail running, and even adventure racing, you always need to have proper clothing and gear that you need to bring and wear during your outdoor adventure.

Check out patagonia clothing at Rock Creek for they have various outdoor clothing and accessories that you might need.  Nothing beats investing on durable, lightweight and affordable clothing for outdoor use.

Cardigans from Gap

Now that it's becoming chilly especially early morning and late at night here at our neck of the woods, wearing cardigan is a must. Not only it can give you some warmth from chilly days it's also a fun way to be fashionable. Colors are the key to have a cheerful and bright attire.

I specifically love the orange/tangerine and even red colors that I can match with my white shirt and neutral colored pants just like at the photo. It's also nice to wear scarf that will match your attire.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wrapping Gifts with Kraft Paper

Christmas is fast approaching and have you started your gift shopping already? Hurry and start now so you'll not get rushed for it's really hard to shop when you are rushing and when there is limited stocks already.

After buying all your gifts, here are some wrapping gift ideas using kraft paper if you want to be more creative and wanted to veer away from the usual Christmas wrappers. You can use different ribbons, lace, flowers and other ornaments to make your gift more attractive. You can finish your gift by putting rectangle, square or round labels at for your tags. Be creative and imaginative and there's no doubt that the receiver will love and appreciate all the efforts that you put in buying and wrapping your gifts for them.

Happy shopping and wrapping! Merry Christmas!

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest

How to Accesorize Different Necklines

Yesterday, I'm trying to find the perfect necklace for my blouse but poor me, I end up not accessorizing anymore before I don't have a necklace that suit that particular neckline of my shirt. IT has a deeper boat neckline and I only got some long necklaces and it didn't match. Next time, I need to buy more necklaces of different styles.

Here's a great illustration that I found at pinterest and I'll keep this handy so I can know what to choose next time.

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