Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ways to Save While Shopping

All of us need and wants to shop for varied reasons and as a consumer we also have the right to scrutinize every item or product that we will buy so that we can get out money's worth. Earning money can be hard for most us that is why we can't blame a lot of consumer to look for ways on how they can save while shopping at the grocery, local stores/malls or even online.

Consumers need to be resourceful at times so they can get good deals.

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Coupon Codes
There are a lot of coupon sites that can help you get coupon codes for your shopping. You can use it before check out and this will serve as a discount

Bargain Counters
Almost all stores have their bargain/sale stalls where you can get good deals on various products so be sure to check them out regularly.

Check various stores for various discounts that they are giving. If you are looking for discounted musical instruments and accessories, you can save on floor tom legs bracket 10.5mm if you just know how to by good bargains.

Scour  and look around first before buying any item, who knows you might get a great bargain on your way to the cashier.

Victoria's Secret Forbidden Perfume

We all know that Victoria's Secret's line is exotic, seductive and always naughty. A new perfume Victoria's Secret Forbidden Perfume has been on the market now that has an exotic, steamy twist on a warm fragrance. This is added to their Very Sexy collection that gives every woman to feel exotic and mysterious in her own right.

This perfume has combination of exotic pear, amber wood and midnight blackberry that is longer lasting 

Price from $52-$68
  • Fragrance type: Warm
  • Notes: Exotic pear, jasmine and amber wood
  • 50 ml/1.7 fl oz.
  • 100 ml/3.4 fl oz
  • Domestic

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fashion Ideas and Inspirations Haven

If Reid company is an industrial supplies haven, well then I have to say that ETSY, POLYVORE and PINTEREST are my ideas and inspiration haven for shopping and other stuff. I have been jumping from those sites all the time hoping to find good ideas.

Handcrafted items are overflowing at etsy and I have to say that I have already bought some pieces there that I even gave as gifts to some of the friends. Polyvore is a place where I found lots of fashion/style ideas that became a source of my inspiration in terms of dressing up or buying things for myself. Meanwhile, Pinterest is a place loaded with all sorts of ideas from clothes, crafts, photography and more....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Flame/ Fire Retardant Printed Tablecloths & Throws

Getting our house or place caught on fire is something no one wants to happen. Not only it can damage properties but it can also take lives if not properly or immediately extinguished. Accident can happen any time and anywhere so utmost care should be implemented.

For those that uses candles or anything with fire during their events or gathering, a fire resistant printed tablecloth is one of the best option any organizer should have for it can prevent fire accidents when a fire accidentally happened. Nothing is better than being careful and cautious.

Good Girl or Bad Girl Style

Ahhh... the holiday is over but I'm still thinking of shopping soon.... shopaholic me? Nah.. I just love to surf the net and find good things that I will put on my to-buy list soon.

This set reminds me of my niece who happens to be a fashionista in her own right and I think this will perfectly suit her (the bad girl side). The black stiletto is a winner!

Good Girl or Bad Girl?

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