Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Plan and Prepare for a Day Spa Visit

Day spas in PA are often the perfect escape for those who need a relaxation after a long, grueling day. However, in order to enjoy that moment of total freedom and comfort, you need to know how to plan for a trip to the day spa. Otherwise, you’ll come unprepared, and you won’t be able to make the most of your experience. So follow these tips and suggestions for the ultimate escape!


First things first, choose a spa you wish to go to. You’ll want to find out which spas are in somewhat close driving distance and have decent reputations. Among these spas, see what services are offered. Some spas are designed to be more like beauty salons, while others relate more to holistic healing. Look online to see if the spa offers that mud-bath treatment you want, and don’t forget to examine the prices. Some services may come in packages, so see what these are and what you’ll have to pay for them.

Also research what the facilities are like and who will be administering these services. Look at the staff’s credentials and qualifications. Go with the spa that appeals to your body’s needs and wallet the most. Then decide on a date to go. Confer with your group so you can pool schedules and decide on the best time. Aim for a weekday morning, when the spa is usually less busy. Set up an appointment when you’ve made these decisions.


You might wonder how you should prepare your body for an appointment at day spas in PA. For one, know that you should shower as well as shave your legs and armpits prior to the appointment. Put on deodorant and take care of other hygiene needs. Staff will be in close contact and touching you, especially if you’re undressed, so you will want to look and smell okay. There will be a locker at the day spa, so keep in mind these size limitations when you’re storing away your clothing; they may not fit or may wrinkle if you bring the wrong clothes. Don’t neglect to pack your bathing suit, workout clothes, or even your own spa robe if you prefer it. Remember to dress comfortably and leave jewelry at home.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rock Chic Style

You don;t éven need to be a singer or a rock star who sings or carrying a resonator guitar hard case to pull this style. All you have to do is to find rocker chic clothing like leather pants, black tops, boots, studded bracelets and more.

There are affordable clothing on various thrift clothes, so if you are patient enough you can score nice pair of jeans and tops to wear.

Lusting for a Maxi Dress

I know it's not summer anymore in our part of the woods but this chevron maxi dress had me lusting over it since last night. I'm already missing summer where we can wear dresses and shorts, wearing comfy and carefree clothing.

Chevron prints are really in fashion these days. Actually, I have seen quite a lot of tis prints on various items such as clothes, bags, curtains, even on gadget accessories.

I might have to put this on my list so next summer if maxi dresses are still in fashion (even if it is not), I'll have to make sure I get one of this.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Accent Pillows for the Home

In the past few days, I spent my time browsing online for various home inspirations. I bought some memory foam toppers for my room and i have yet to find a nice case for them.

In the meantime, I'm actually getting bored with the way our living room looks like so I thought I should give it a make-over soon. Our plain looking ginger colored sofa needs some upgrade. I can't change it to white color because I don't want to end up preventing not to get it too dirty all the time that's why the old color will stay.

The only thing that came to my mind is to put beautiful accent pillows that can make our living room more lively. The picture above will serve as my inspiration. However, I need to choose some other colors because our sofa is not white. Now, I have to think what colors will match our ginger-colored sofa... hmmm.. let me search for more.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bracelet Layering

These bracelets layering craze has bitten me too. I found myself going to the malls like Forever 21 and other shops to find some nice bracelets of different sizes, colors and thickness.

I was so delighted that I can layer each of them and paired it with my watches and my whole attire. The leather bracelets with studs are perfect to pair with chrono or oversized watches like that of Michael Kors and more.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Rock Your Style Without Breaking the Bank

Style Under Budget Contest 2

Looking Good!
You’re a fashionista and you make no apologies for your love of style. However, you acknowledge the fact that your budget is limited. You don’t have to settle for dowdy, outdated clothes just because you don’t have a fortune to spend. Instead, by investing your dollars wisely and engaging in a few simple strategies, you can look like you stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine, without busting your budget.

Shop Your Closet
You may want to empty your entire closet and start over from scratch, but there is really no need. After all, you chose the clothes in the first place.  By shopping your closet you can rediscover that cute skirt that always draws glances from that cute guy you see on the bus every day, or that gorgeous cashmere sweater that exactly matches the color of your eyes. After you pick out all the “keepers” in your closet, go through the rest and donate those items that are wearable.

Afterwards, you will have more room in your closet. As a bonus, you will know exactly what pieces you need to fill any gaps in your wardrobe.  You can shop for staples like pumps and blazers or accessories like scarves, belts and cute hand bags with the knowledge of the exact colors and textures that will match the pieces you already have.

Shop Discount Stores and Consignment Shops
Savvy shoppers know that it is not always necessary to pay designer prices to maintain a fashion forward look. Discount stores are ideal sources for trendy items that you don’t expect to wear for more than a season or two. Consignment shops, on the other hand, often contain gently worn designer and other high end items at bargain basement prices.

Invest in Quality
While it is possible to save money on many wardrobe items, the saying “penny wise and pound foolish” also applies. Especially when purchasing wardrobe staples such as an overcoat, an interview suit or even foundation garments, purchase the very best quality that you can afford.  Stick to natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk, linen, leather and cashmere. Seek out details such as matching patterns and deep hems that signal that a garment is well-made. By spending a bit more money now you will have garments that you will be proud to wear for years to come.

Tailor-Made to Fit
One reason that celebrities and very rich people always look so well put together is because of how they look in their clothes. Workouts and personal trainers help, of course. However, there is another factor that enters into the picture – many outfits that celebrities and wealthy people wear are tailor made.  While you probably cannot afford an entire outfit of tailor made clothes, professional alteration services are often available at very reasonable prices at your local dry cleaning establishment. In addition, many better-quality department stores will hem pants legs and alter suits for free or for a nominal charge. Once you see the difference a few nips and stitches make in how your clothing fits, you will never be satisfied with wearing anything straight off the rack again.

Sophie Smith has a passion for fashion and clothing design. Her articles mainly appear on style blogs.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Fire-Retardant Clothing Is Becoming More Comfortable

Fire-retardant clothing is important to factory workers, car mechanics, electricians and any other worker in an environment that has a risk of flash fire or arc blasts from electricity. Most clothing is not fire proof, which means that should a ball of fire suddenly appear around you, your clothes could catch on fire. Wearing protective clothing might not mean you get away completely injury free, but it can be the difference between minor and serious burns, or even the difference between life and death. For a long time, clothing that was resistant to fire was bulky and uncomfortable to wear, but today, work uniforms are being adapted in a few ways to make workers more comfortable.

A big factor in the comfort of work clothing is weight, and fire resistant clothing is getting lighter. Jobs can require carrying all sorts of weights, and at the end of the day you’re exhausted, so the last thing you want is a pound of extra weight from your thick clothing. There are materials that are light and comfortable to wear that are still fire retardant.

The breathability of a garment is another major factor in its overall comfort. Breathability is the ability of an item of clothing to retain or disperse heat. On a hot day, you want a garment that will disperse your body heat and prevent you from getting uncomfortably warm. On a cold day, you want to keep some of that heat inside and prevent cold air from penetrating. A perfectly breathable garment will provide a good balance of cooling and warmth.

Manages Moisture

The ability to manage moisture is the final component of comfortable fire-resistant clothing. The jobs that require protective clothing also tend to require a lot of hard work, which means sweat is an inevitability. Cotton-based fabrics tend to get saturated in sweat, but they never really dry out. Fire-retardant garments can be made to remove moisture from the skin, spread it out along the surface of the garment, and then let the moisture evaporate. There’s no longer any reason you have to sacrifice comfort for protection.

How to Roll Sleeves like J Crew

I love wearing long sleeves and rolling it up until my elbow. Sometimes I have a hard time doing it that will  look like it's neatly done.

Thankfully I saw this tutorial on How to roll sleeves like J Crew... I'm sure you also want to learn how to this way.
How to Roll Sleeves - The J. Crew Look

Step 1. Start with sleeves unrolled and unbuttoned
Step 2. Roll sleeve up to about two widths of the cuff
Step 3. Roll again to the bottom of the cuff
Step 4. Roll once more leaving the top of the cuff exposed

Image source :

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Campus Book Rentals

Going to college can be so expensive for a lot of students. Not getting a scholarship means that you need to pay full price of your tuition fees. Aside from that, acquiring books that you’ll be using during your studies is needed.

Some books are extremely costly and not every college student can afford to purchase them. Most college students also worry that the books that they bought will lose its value at the end of the term and selling them at lower price is something that they don't want to consider.

The thought of renting books will come to the picture as it can extremely help college students to save money while studying. Campus Book Rentals has a wide selection of text books that any college student will need.

Here are some perks that you can get when you rent books at Campus Book Rentals:
~Lower cost. You can save from 40 and up to 80% when you rent books because new books can cost much higher than renting.

~Convenient. Books that rented online will be sent through mail and delivered in front of your doorstep. No need to go to your local bookstore to find and buy your book. Shipping (both ways) is also for FREE so this is a plus!

~You have the options to choose how long you want to keep the book

~Books can be highlighted and underlined for your convenience

~You can avail of their Rent Back program. This program allows students to have their own books rented by other students and as a result, students can earn from that.

Watch and learn more

With all the savings that students can get from renting books, every college students should know that they don’t need to break their bank just to acquire the books that they need.

Campus Book Rentals not only rent out books but they also do humanitarian missions. For many years, they have partnered with Operation Smile, an organization that helps poor children with cleft lip and palate to get surgeries. This year, they are dedicated to set aside $90,000 in textbook scholarships that will be distributed to students in many communities. I Love their mission to help students and children that need help.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Importance of a Manicure

Aside from keeping our body clean and fresh, we should not forget that our nails should be properly trimmed, clean and if possible manicured. Our hands and nails can also indicate how well we take care of ourselves, dirty and chapped nails are unsightly to see in a woman.We really need to take care of our hands and one of the best thing to do is by putting lotion or cream all the time especially at night to keep it soft and healthy.

Nothing beats nails that are well taken cared of. You really don't need to go to the salon just to have a manicure and pedicure for you can always do it at home.

You can purchase a manicure set that includes cleaning set that you can use. Just remember to carefully cut and file your nails to avoid cuts. It's even pretty if you can put some colors in your nails as it can add beauty in it.

image via redhotspa

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