Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Personalized Mother-in-Law Gift Ideas

Our mother and mother in-law are always special to us and one of the many ways to show you love them is giving them gifts during special occasions like their birthday and Mother’s Day. However, they will surely can’t forget and it will melt their hearts if you give them ‘lil something even if there’s no occasion. They will feel more loved and appreciated. Do it more often if you can and send your mother in law a gift today.

Here are some few personalized mother-in-law gifts that you can order online.

Wood Recipe BoxRotating Photo Frame

Tender Heart PlatterPhoto Brag Bag

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fire Pits

 Newport Dome Lid Fire Pit Uniflame Propane Gas Fire Pit with Grey Slate Top
I’m sure we all hate the brutal cold weather each winter time and fire pits and fire places can be great tools to bit the cold. They surely can help in heating  up rooms to make us feel more warm and comfortable. These days, fire pits can be used all year round. Put fire pits at your backyard so you can enjoy barbeque or have some chit chats with your friends and relatives as well. Check out Fire Pits website to find different styles of firepits and fireplaces.

Gucci Soft Stirrup Nubuck Suede Shoulder Bag

OK,  my eyes are now glued to this Gucci Soft Stirrup Nubuck Suede Shoulder Bag that are available at for $1,650. (wow!). I know I can’t afford it so I might just dream of having it. I reckon it’s not practical for me to buy  expensive bags these days for I have other priorities.

I’d rather spend the money on my home project by buying flooring for basements online. The money will be spend more wisely. Buying a bag this expensive is only for rich women who have no other obligations or who are really obsessed with brand name bags.
Image from Bagsnob

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Manufactured Homes: Affordable Housing Solution

If only it was easy for me to purchase one of those manufactured homes, then I would have done so. But, I could not afford it so I’ll just be contented on where we are staying right now. These manufactured homes are built in factories and is durable and underwent strict quality manufacturing. It’s even more affordable than the site-built home and are perfect for first time home owners. Each manufactured homes are equipped with vaulted ceilings and textured walls and can range from under $20,000 to over $100,000

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