Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Hey there mommies, Halloween is just near and have you already thought what costume you want your kids to wear this time? I bet you are already looking for cute designs that can make your child stand out among the rest of the kids doing the trick or treatin'. I reckon those fairy and witch costumes are already boring and they have been worn by thousands of kids already so i thought you need to find your kids some cute and unique ones.

Just take a look at that Lobster and Little frog costumes and they definitely are cute. They are available from TARGET, at $47.99( lobster) while the frog is only for $24.99. get them before they are out of stock. Oh btw, they have other cute Halloween costumes for kids that you can find. You can also find some nice ones at AMAZON.

But if you still like the princess or the butterfly costumes GYMBOREE is having a 50% discount on their kids Halloween costumes. That fairy costume is $34.50.
And mommies don't miss OLD NAVY's HALLOW
EEN SALE, their costumes for kids are a steal from only $10 to $14.00 , go now for sure they are selling like hotcakes.!!!

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