Saturday, March 30, 2013

Drive in Style with Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Apart from driving a car, men are always drawn into riding a motorcycle. It provides a manly appeal and some men love if they are associated with it. Having a joy ride with their bikes along with their friends or girlfriend not only provides enjoyment but also some physical activity.

Riding a motorcycle can be fun but you must always ensure that you are wearing safety gears while driding to protect you every time you are on the road. Accidents can happen anytime that is why it is best to be safe than feel sorry. Aside from helmet and pads, men can also wear leather jackets that can add protection on their body.

These leather motorcycle jackets for men add protection and cushion on your body. There are thick leather jackets that are also apt on various weather conditions. If you are driving on cold places, thick jackets are the best for they can give you warmth throughout your journey. Apart from that, these jackets can be chic and stylish so for men who also think about how they look when they are out on the road can find leather jackets appealing.

There are various styles and colors to choose from by every man who has discerning taste. Styles vary from hipster, vest, blazer, with shearling collar, and long coat styles while materials can be made of leather and cowhide leather. Whatever men go for, leather jackets can surely make them attractive.

Monogrammed Champ Pink Weekend Travel Bag

Just this morning, I'm fervently wishing that I'm out of town traveling to explore other scenic spots here in the country. I even made another blog solely for my travels and dream destinations.  I'm praying that I will be blessed to travel since summer is also approaching.

Found these colorful Monogrammed Champ Pink Weekend Travel Bag from and thought that they are very nice to use for traveling. I don't travel light so I think I need 2 of those hehe.

Now, I want that red or orange colors and they cost $44.99 each
Monogrammed Champ Pink Weekend Travel Bag

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quality Musical Instruments

 Our world will be dull without music. Music makes our world more colorful and alive.

There are quite a lot of people who are gifted with musical abilities. Some can compose songs, arrange music, sing and play musical instruments. All of them are gift from above and must be honed. If you're an artist or a musician you don't need to settle for low quality musical instruments for nothing beats using quality  instruments if you're in the music industry as it can give superb tone and performance.

Finding quality musical instruments are easier these days. You can find saxophones, other instruments and accessories that you can use during your practice or performance. Check out their site for wide selection.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Daily Find: DV by Dolce Vita 'Sloane' Bootie

Upon seeing these DV by Dolce Vita 'Sloane' Bootie, it immediately reminds me of my carefree and full of life niece. I'm very sure that she'll get one of this as soon as she see one on the rack. I am guessing that she will love the melon color.
The Daily Find: DV by Dolce Vita Bootie
Available at for $79 and it has suede upper/synthetic lining and sole.

available in different colors:
acidic yellow suede

You can pair them with these.

SpringSweet Heart Fever
Everything's Just Peachy:''')

Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

We’ve all looked back at past photos and thought what was I thinking? Why didn’t someone tell me? This article is here to help you from making any more fashion mistakes. It lists some of this easiest fashion pas to make but also avoid.

The perfect fit
There is nothing worse than seeing someone wearing clothing that is obviously too small or too large. It is obvious because they don’t look comfortable, sizing can make or break an outfit. We’ve all seen that person wearing a button-down shirt with gaping holes and the buttons hanging on for dear life to keep the shirt closed. It’s not a nice look. Your clothes should fit you. Perhaps for a particular brand you may need to go a size up, do it! This doesn’t mean that you are putting on weight. Don’t lie to yourself; get the size that is the best fit. No one sees the number on the tag when you are wearing it. If the item is too big it can look very unprofessional. You’ll end up looking like you are getting swallowed whole.

Keep it professional

Your work outfits should be work appropriate. You want to come across as you most sophisticated and professional self; you can’t do that in fish net tights or a sheer blouse. Please don’t confuse weekend with weekday outfits. Just keep in simple, sticking with the classics. It doesn’t have to be boring, mix it up colour and prints. You should avoid overly flashy fabrics and patterns with sparkles and sequins, sheer tops and skirts, and short hemlines. When it comes to footwear be sensible, you’ll be wearing them all day. Go for comfort every time.

Hide and seek

Visible underwear and bra lines can be embarrassing for not only person wearing them but for the people seeing them. We don’t want to see them, hence them being worn under clothing. This effect can make your outfit look cheap and lazy; it could have been a fantastic outfit. The only thing people will be able to look at though are those lines, they are just too hard to ignore.

Too much

Accessory overload is very hard for the eyes to handle. Coco Chanel advised that you should look in the mirror before you leave the house and remove one item. Simple is sophisticated and mature. You should choose one key piece to show off and compliment it with other small pieces. You don’t want something else stealing the show. Less is more. When it comes to new season trends it can be difficult to achieve the look correctly. A lot more shops are starting to challenge this by including look books, for example These show you how exactly to pull off the trend and show you what new clothing items you’ll need for the season. Don’t be a fashion victim, take the time to think about you’re wearing.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Whites for Summer

Ahhhh.. summer is here in our part of the world and heat is unbearable at times.

Wearing stiff, dark colored and body hugging clothes can be uncomfortable at times so we need to find something to wear that are loose, made of cotton and with light colors only.

White shirts are perfect for summer for it can't absorb too much heat. We can always feel and be stylish even the weather becomes humid and annoying. Here are some white summer clothes that are both comfy and stylish.

Bring out your sunglasses, flip flops, sandals, shorts, loose tops for summer is here!!

Without a shadow


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Magnetic Therapy Using Copper Magnetic Bracelets

With all the accessories available, there’s no doubt that bracelets always capture the hearts of every woman. It’s a piece of jewelry that are worn around the wrist or ankle for some that can add glamour or pizzazz to our wardrobe and total look.

Bracelets can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, gold/silver, thread, rubber, leather, plastic, cloth, beads, strings, wires and so much more. These days, layered bracelets are called “arm candies” and I have to say that I enjoy wearing them all the time.

Here are types of bracelets that we can opt to choose
1. Bangles – can be made of wood and other materials that has a firm or rigid uniformity
2. Beaded bracelet – made of beads that are connected to each other
3. Slap bracelet – made of flat materials and slapped on the wrist
4. Charm Bracelet - those that have charms, trinkets and other gems made of different materials
5. Sports bracelet – made of rubber materials mostly seen worn by athletes
6. Health Bracelet – believed to have therapeutic or healing capabilities. One example of these bracelets are
that are known to cure arthritis and other pain for decades already.

It only shows that bracelets are not only used to adorn our bodies but some types can also provide health benefits that we all can take advantage of. I remember back in the days when my aunt used to wear these copper bracelets that she believes have improved her health and well being.

Here are different forms/types of copper magnetic bracelets 

The Ultimate Comfort Shoes

Ohhhh... I'm drooling over these shoes!

Let me pick.. Love that Tory Burch aqua flats, the powder blue ballet flats, the red shoes, the stripes flat shoes, the nude... all of them! They are available at We can't have too many flat shoes, right?

The Ultimate Comfort Shoe

Reasons why you need to Consider Private Domain Registration

A lot of us are enjoying the perks of having our own domain or website. It can either be a personal website where you can post all your life’s experiences, journeys or whatever you feel like sharing. It can also be a business website where you can showcase your products or services in such a way your clients can know more about your company and all the things that you are offering.

Making a website is easier now, if you don’t have technical or website knowledge, you can always hire services of professionals to do the job and in no time your website will be up and running. However, don’t you know that each time your website is published, your name, address and other information can be displayed in the WhoIs files? Your privacy is very vulnerable because it is public.

If you don’t want your domain to be exposed to public’s prying eyes and worst to hackers and other crooks, making your domain private is the way to go. Doing so can spare you from annoying spam mails and other nasty net tactics.

At, you can make your domain private with their private domain registration package for your privacy is really important.

Having your domain private will
1.    Spare you from annoying e-mail spams
2.    Protect you from tele-marketers and even data miners
3.    Trim down the probability of the frightening identity theft
4.   Your name, home address, phone number and email address can be protected and out from public’s eye

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sperry Top-Sider / Boat Shoes

We have seen the top-sider shoes trend back in the old days and now they are so much "ïn"again !

I have seen quite a lot of people wearing top-siders once again and actually it still looks so nice and with a new twist. I have seen topsiders with different designs, patterns and colors making them more fun to wear.

Check out these colors and designs from There's just too many to choose from!

Online Store Builder Helps you Start Selling Online

With the advent of the internet, selling and shopping are not the same anymore. Buying and selling goods or products online is popularly known now as eCommerce. Products and services are being sold online by many entrepreneurs using their own website, online community stores, voucher sites and social networking sites.

These days, you can see the rise or people selling online for they know that a lot of customers are already confident in buying and paying via online with the use of the credit cards, paypal and other means of payment. Shopping becomes faster and convenient for most shoppers who have little time to go to physical stores to buy what they need.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you must not only rely on selling on your stores for you can still get more clients and increase your sales through online selling. You can start small by selling on social networking sites, online stores with membership fee, website or better yet make your own online store.

Thankfully, there are companies that can help you make your own store online. 1ShoppingCart has an online store builder that can easily help you start selling online. They have different packages that will suit your budget and online selling needs.

Their packages are fully customizable, reliable and has secure shopping cart, online product catalogue and more that will surely increase your sales and product exposure. Check out their site for more info.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Different Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt

I never thought I can wear a denim shirt until I found this Different ways to wear a denim shirt at Pinterest. Just love the idea of wearing the denim shirt over a dress and putting a belt on it. It gives it a different look I also love it with the white shorts and the yellow skinny jeans.

Air-conditioning Services in Hamilton

Summer is definitely coming very very soon here in our part of the world. Our weather bureau has not announced yet that is it officially summer but with the high temperature and humidity that we are experiencing now, summer is here already, at least for me. Temperature ranges from 30- 34.4C, which is the highest in the metro and there’s no doubt that it will rise at up to 36 or maybe 37 once summer is in full swing.

Just the other day, the heat and humidity are unbearable already so I have no choice but to open the aircon for an hour just to keep us cool for a bit. Thank goodness, it helps us cool for a while.  I’m pretty sure that in the coming days, our air-conditioning unit will be open most of the times in our store.

I have yet to check the aircon in the other room if it is still working. It has not been used for a while since it was just lately when it became so hot. I hope it will work or else I have no option but to call a technician.

Before summer arrives, every house hold with airconditioning units should check their units if they are still working. Call air conditioning services hamilton  for check up. Dusts and other debris can accumulate inside the unit when they are not also used for a long time. Have the professionals check your units to ensure that they will be working when you want it to use already.

Just in case you need aircon repair, air conditioning repair hamilton also has other repair services and that includes duct cleaning, furnace/ac cleaning, and more.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Michael Kors Handbags / Purses

I was at the mall last weekend with my SIL and  saw some women carrying their Michael Kors bags. As usual being a bag lover, I could not help but to stare at the bags all the time and wishing I have one in my shoulder too.

I don't have any Michael Kors bag yet (only MK sunglasses) so I'm pretty curious about the craftmanship, quality and durability of their bags. I bet they are of good quality as well just like Coach and other popular brands. I also love the hanging MK logo on each bag.

I quickly browsed MK website and I'm drooling over some of the bags that I saw. Prices varies from $168 up. Hope one day, I will own a Michael Kors bag.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LED Pool Lights: Illuminate and Design your Swimming Pool with Style

Nothing beats fun and relaxation that swimming with friends can give. Swimming alone can also relieve you from stress but having some friends and relatives over your place for a night swim is even more fun. These days, there are many ways to decorate your pool area and one of the most popular ones are the hayward pool lights that can illuminate your pool area at night.

These lights not only give beauty and design to any pool area but also it's also energy efficient since it uses LED lights. These lights also add "drama" to the pool side. Lights come in various colors and effects and if you are creative enough, romantic scenes (proposals, maybe?) can happen in the pool area. It provides fun or romantic aura of the place.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nails Gone Wild

Summer is fast approaching and different colors are bound. If you're experimental, bold and wanted to be unique, you can paint your nails with different shades of colors and with different patterns or styles.You don;t need to be a professional nail artist to do this because your creativity alone can make lots of different designs.

Just let your  creativity do the work for each nails and soon you'll have these awesome nails.!


Shop and Garage Equipment Source

My brother is the only guy in our house so he has no other option but to be the handy man all the time though my mom can fix some things as well. A helper also can come when we need him when tasks need some help. I remember it was last year when we had a major house re-painting and major clean up.

Not only it was the time to fix some areas in the house but we had the chance to really sort some things out by separating things that we can still use in the house and things that we can throw or give to other people. It took more or less 2 weeks to finish our house renovation of sort and even though it was messy, the outcome was great. Not sure when are we going to do that once again.

Anyway, we are thankful that we had quite a few tools that are readily available during our house renovation. Dad was a construction engineer so he was able to buy some tools and gadgets like welding machine, drillers, even scaffolding before he passed away. Having those tools, my brother can use them on whatever garage projects that he has. We don’t need too borrow or buy anymore because of that.

I guess every household needs to have tools that they can use. If you need to buy construction tools for your shop or your house, checking out Mile-X online can greatly help for they have wide range of equipments with different manufacturers like Ammco, baldor, Dewalt, Esco and Jet just to name a few.

Chevron Bags

I love chevron patterns and when I saw these cute bags with chevron prints, of course, my heart skipped for a while.This is perfect bag for summer as it can hold a lot of stuff. I just wish there are other colors available. A yellow and orange colors would be great too!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Music Instruments Party Keychains

I posted earlier about some great decor ideas about music theme party. A party is not complete with matching favor or give-away. Match your theme with these beautiful handmade keychains that I found online and they are made of rubber.

Some designers however can make these type of keychains made of polymer clay like musical instrument like a drum, guitar, keyboard, boombox, trumpet, violin that you can give for your guests.

They are colorful  and fun.

Professional Fashion ideas

Working in a office can be fun at times as you can also wear clothes in fashion. Here are some Professional Fashion ideas that you can wear on your business meeting, meet up with client or or at office work. Work clothes need not to be expensive for you can find affordable clothes on stores only if you know how to scour the mall during sale season

A Music Themed Party Ideas

We have attended quite a few music themed party for kids already. It seems that music related parties not just for for kids but also for adults are quite"in" these days. I reckon the lively music be it with live band playing or recorded music make the party more alive.

I also love the background or the music themed party decorations that I have been seeing online. Here are just some of them.

Friday, March 1, 2013

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