Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Affordable Eyeglasses

I have to admit that I have blurry eyes now especially when trying to read small letters and if I am in front of my computer. My eye doctor also told me that it’s not only because I have stressed my eyes so much from continuous use of it everyday for 9-10 hrs. but also because of my age. Hmm I already passed the 40 mark and there’s no doubt that my vision will really decline so she advised me to wear glasses. I don’t want to wear it permanently bec. it is a bit uncomfortable so I opted to just order a reading glasses. It is very of great help to me especially when I am working in front of my pc.

There are actually lots of frames available now that anyone can choose, in fact, you can even order one online at a much more affordable price. Not only it is good for the budget but they are stylish as well just like what Zenni Optical is offering. They have lots of frames that you can select from like Rimless frames, Full frames, Variable Dimension frames Holiday frames, just to name a few. And as low as $8.00 you can already have a stylish prescription glasses, I guess nothing can beat that online. So if you need to have affordable, stylish and durable eyeglasses, you can check out Zenni Optical now.

Haircalf Journals

I was surfing for cute journals online for my niece when I stumbled upon this nice Haircalf Journals from My college niece loves journals so much that she practically made a personalized one for her. She loves decorating it with her handwriting, putting embellishments, initials or whatever she fancies. So when I so these Haircalf Journals, I know she will love it. It has exotic and debonair look, with the safari style journal, i know she will be more insipred to jot down all hair daily activities and future schedules.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Jazz Up your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most busy and used place in our homes. And isn’t it nice to work around and do all our food chores there if it is clean and well organized? I just hate to have a fitly kitchen, it makes me feel gooey. I am glad that I have not experienced any clogged kitchen in our home for this will be a major concern. Just found contemporary kitchen sinks over at, hope you can check them out.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas 2008

Credits: Elements by Michelle Coleman, L. Teague

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Parties/Gatherings Everywhere

This is the season where parties and other gatherings occur so I am sure household owners make it a point to make their house clean and presentable before their guests arrive. You don’t want your guests step on a dirty and wrecked wood flooring in your house right? It is also innate to us to clean and be busy when we are the host of a party; after all we want to hear some good feedback from the guests.

Aside from checking serving good food and wine, a good conversation would make the party a blast. It's always fun when there is someone who will make the party alive and perfect. I myself is looking forward to our family Christmas exchange gifts.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fashionable Holiday Dresses by Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks 2007 winner of American Idol recently teamed up with Wet Seal to shocwase her new line of clothing named SPARKS. Here are some of the Fashionable Holiday Dresses by Jordin Sparks that you can find over at

They look so cute and trendy and perfect for Holiday parties that you will be attending. Just slip into one of these dress, forget about Leptovox, feel confident, put on a nice warm smile over your face and boom you are going to be just gorgeous. They are actually affordable but of high quality. In the future Jordin Sparks will venture into more lines like accessories for youthful and trendy teens.

These dress are available at

Bow Empire Waist Dress $54.50Sequin Bow Tulle Satin Dress $54.50

Friday, December 12, 2008

$10 Holiday Deals

It's getting chilly these days and what a better way to wear hoodies or jumpers as what Aussies call them. It's been raining here since yesterday bec. of the low pressure and when I went home last night I got chills bec. I forgot to bring any jacket with me. It's rainy and gloomy again today and this time I was able to bring one.

Found some nice and hip hoodies online at and they have the $10 Holiday deals over there. You can check it out bec. they also have $3, 5$ deals too.

Quality Tactical Pants and more

I think it was 2 episodes ago of XXX TV show (a local show) in Channel 2 where they showed the video of actual tactical operation of the robbery/holdup gang. They caught about 3 members of this notorious gang killing and robbing banks and establishments. It was so exciting to watch the footage and the CCTV footage of the actual robberies and I am just so happy that some of their members are finally caught and put to jail. They don’t deserve to be out and planning new robberies.

Thanks to the intelligence networks of our police and not only here in our country that violence and lawless criminals are being sought after my police agents. I reckon they are heroes of the society where they try to go after those crooks and end their wrong deeds. When they go on operations they always give their best and put on their combat gears that I believe should be comfortable. Just imagine going on a combat with a wrong gear and not comfortable? Police and military men for sure can’t perform well when their gears are like that.

One of the most important clothing that they must have are tactical pants and they should be comfortable when fitted. Police /Military officers should order quality supplies that they will give their officers. In fact, they really deserve to have that and I am afraid if our officers are not acquiring such they are shortchanging our tactical officers.

Here’s a site where you can order quality tactical supplies, not just style should be considered but quality and performance of the items. At they have wide selection of tactical pants, polos, shirts, uniforms, jackets, footwear and lots more. They also have bags, knives, belts and other accessories. It’s a one stop shop actually where you can get all those items.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recommended Teen Rated Video games

These days kids are always online and playing net games but sometimes what they are playing are too gross and too violent for them so we need to watch them. It's not really good when they play such games at it will have an effect in their minds and behavior.

Here is a list that National Institute on Media and the Family, a conservative media watchdog, that recommends these Teen-rated games that are not violent.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Divisoria Christmas Shopping

I have been meaning to go Christmas shopping at the end of November but got too tied up with so many online and offline duties plus waiting for my sister's list for her shopping as well. Anyway, I went to Divisoria with a family friend last Wednesday (Dec. 3) and we arrived there about 12 noon already as we left the house a bit late already.

Our 1st stop is at the 168 Mall and I was overwhelmed with all the products that I can actually buy. Bought 2 blouses for myself at Juliana store and gifts for my relatives. Gosh they really have lots of customers bec. they sell blouses (casual or formal) at a cheaper prices compared to the malls. And here at Divisoria you can buy lots of goodies from clothes, electronics etc. I was able to buy lots and got so tired afterward. There are many people who flocked in the afternoon that even I had a hard time looking for the exit signs. Got home at 9 pm already hungry and with tired legs. Yay, its tiring but so fun to shop!

A Car Purchase Soon?

We have been thinking about the vacation of my 2 sisters and their families from abroad next year for we are going to have a grand family reunion in many years. We are all praying that event will suffice since it's been years that we are not all together since they are all leaving in foreign lands already.

With our small van, there is no way that we could all fit in there. Of course we are going out of town so we need vehicles to take all of us. We actually have a van and a tamaraw but knowing they are not in good shape already purchasing a second hand vehicle is a good alternative but my mom told us that we are going to add more bills like annual registration, auto insurance and other paper works. With that said I am guessing that it will not push through and just hiring a vehicle is a good alternative for us. We will see..

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