Monday, September 17, 2007

Extreme Makeover

I have been watching Extreme Makeover on TV and I was amazed on the results of the patients who have undergone their multiple surgeries. Many have auditioned for the program and for those that were chosen they are the lucky ones bec. they will be given a free total physical make-over from clothes to surgery. It will take months for them to completely recuperate but once they surpass that the amazing results are superb. Although there are many successful operations we can’t hide that there are few mishaps that can happen. Surgery is not for everyone also, so be sure to check out and research 1st before undergoing a knife. You can check out the Miami cosmetic surgery for more info.

Chanel Eyewear

Oh dear, i really have to replace my 4 year old Guess shades that my cousin from the US sent me. I am getting bored with it already and i was thinking if the big old "bubble bee" like shades would fit my face. I have a small but kinda long face, i think i have to try different sytles and choose what fits me.

Anyway, i went to Chanel EyeWear and saw the cool new sleek styles they have right there. If you haven't been there you've got to see them. I also went to Yahoo shopping and saw some of the Chanel eyewears are being sold from $129- $400 up depending on the style.

Accounting Services

If you are in need of accounting services for your business or estates, you can find one of those accounting San Diego firms like that of Allen and baron Inc. They offer services like PA Accounting Services , All Tax Services - Multi-State, Corporate, Individual, QuickBooks, Payroll to name a few. They offer accounting services to corporations, small businesses and individuals plus with their customized services for sure they will meet individual's needs

Convertible push-up bra from Victoria's Secret

Unfortunately i am not blessed with a nice "front" if i may say so the push up bra and padded bras are only my secret.. lol They do wonders actually especially for those with small chests. And have you seen some celebrities who are wearing backless dresses, have you noticed that they can still wear a bra? They are just using low-back halter strap to wear beneath backless dresses just like in the picture. You can buy something like that at Victoria Secret- any woman's fave store.

It is with
padded cups with removable extreme cleavage gel pads and available in different colors and seizes.

Are tattoos for you?

Personally I don’t think I am goin’ to have one but for some they chose to have one bec. they believe it is a form of art and self expression. These days more and more people are trying to get one. There are many tattoo shops around but make sure if you are getting one, go to a reputable shop. Designs are just endless from butterflies, dragons, fires or whatever you fancy. You can even look for more designs at the tattoo design gallery of for more ideas.

Fossil watch

My favorite watch brands are GUESS and FOSSIL. I wen to the mall last weekend and went to buy a Fossil watch in Robinson's Galleria.

I love to match my watch with my dress or whatever i
am wearing for the day. I went at FOSSIL's website and had a look at their watches. This is Mother of Pearl Watch and it is 2 toned. I got it for only Php 4,700 and when you look at the Fossil website it is sold only for $75.00.

Lip Enhancement

Some people admire the pouty lips of Angelina Jolie, some subject themselves to minor surgery but some are just contented to put a lot of shimmer lip gloss on their lips. It’s not bad to be beautiful but when you want to undergo a surgery like that of a lip augmentation in Chicago, one must need to research about it. You also need to ask yourself if you really need one so you will not regret it in the end.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Fork Bracelets

I was watching a local Sunday program where they featured unique accessories like this FORK BRACELET, which i find unique and stylish. It's my 1st time to have heard of it and i thought it was cool. The bracelets are actually made of real fork where the designer just bent it to form a new unique designs and style. They also put some swarovski crystals and other beads.

Here is one example, it was from Modista, owners are Filipinos and they only sell online, not so sure if they ship internationally. I showed it to my sis and she liked it. Look this one sells at P540.00 each (around US$13)

Their prices ranges from Php 450 up, not that bad huh? You can check out their multiply site if you want

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and do you already have in mind what theme do you have this year? My niece will be wearing a cute Bunny costume this year although she cried when we tried it on her. Halloween costume contests for kids are always looked forward by many esp. mommies who had lots of fun dressing up their cute little kids.

There are many cute animal themed costumes for your kids at GAP and i know you'll lovethem once you see it. Just take a look at this cute Little Piggy costume that is available for $34.50 which you can pair with socks and Converse hi top rubber shoes for only $24.50. Wish i have child so i can dress them up with those cute halloween costumes.

They also have Bee, Chicken, Lion, Monkey and Butterfly costumes. Check them out now, you don't want to rush for the Halloween right?

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