Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekend Shopping

Finally, after months of not shopping I went to the mall and splurge a bit. Last Sunday my niece and I went to SM mall here in our town. We first stopped at the Optometrist Shop and I looked for new glasses. I might come back some other day for my check up and hopefully get the much awaited glass that I really need for my eyes. I hope this time the specs will be so perfect for my eyes and I can use the glasses w/o me ranting how bad it was just like my old pair.

The main purpose why we went ot SM is to buy a new bag for myself, I don't need a leather bag but just a cloth type bag that I can use everyday. I was able to buy an everyday bag from Cose that I can use here when I go here at my shop. It was actually same as my niece bec. it has lots of pockets and is wide inside. I also bought a flip flops just a banana peel brand, I don't care if it is not a Havainas or whatever expensive brand there is.We also passed by the watch section where I drool over at Guess, DKNY, Fossil and other brands. My eyes are really popping out seeing all the displays that I am seeing. My niece also wanted to buy an eyeliner so we had a free testing on Maybelline and Revlon's samples. We also bought some papers and offcie supplies at National bookstore.

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