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Bold and Beautiful Fashions That Hug Your Lucious Curves

If you are a curvy woman you know how difficult it can be sometimes to accentuate your beautiful curves without drawing attention to extra weight you would prefer to minimise. Thankfully, there are wonderful styles out that are perfect for the vivacious, curvy woman and can help you accomplish these two all important goals with near effortless aplomb. Let's take a look at some of these.

Belted Trench

An all time classic is the belted trench. There is a reason this coat has endured for so many years in women's fashion. This wardrobe basic may only be surpassed by the famous little black dress. It is flattering, functional, and timeless. For the curvy woman, the belted trench is particularly wonderful. Cinch that belt around your waist, and you will instantly look all the more shapely. The cinched belt helps define your figure and creates the illusion of a smaller waist and classic hourglass silhouette.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are another perennial classic. These jeans have legs that begin to widen out from the knee down. You can find them in a lot of different leg sizes with names like boot and barely boot, but, unlike their more narrow legged cousins, these jeans help balance out the size of your thighs and hips by increasing the visual size of your lower leg. While you might thing you do not need to look any bigger, the end visual effect actually will make you look smaller and nicely proportioned. Flare jeans and wide leg jeans can also be similarly flattering for curvy women. Try on a few and go with the cut that looks best with your individual curves.

Curve Hugging Leggings

Leggings are quite trendy and hot, and they can really make a curvy women beautiful. Leggings hug your curves and help smooth everything out just like a good pair of tights. One of the popular choices right now are black wet look leggings. The wet look shimmers and adds a snazzy feminine touch. The black colour will also help make your thighs and hips look slimmer. Pair it with a pretty statement top that drapes over your hips and a set of spunky, unique heels for a truly fabulous look.

Wrap Dress

If you are considering dressing up, you can really flatter your curves with a lovely wrap dress. For some women, this is an all time favourite. It is flattering on nearly any body shape, and the simplicity of pulling the dress on and tying it is certainly another selling point. A wrap dress is particularly wonderful on a curvy woman because it drapes and highlights all your curves while camouflaging any little defects in your figure that you would prefer to keep hidden. Wrap dresses in dark colours can help slim and trim, and a dress sporting a pretty print can help further hide weight problems like a little extra around the tummy. Pair your dress with heels or boots, and you will have this look clinched. Another wonderful, dressy option for the curvy woman is a structured sheath dress. Unlike a shift, this dress is cut to fit closely and hug all your curves. Buy one that is made of a thicker fabric such as cotton twill. Unlike thinner, flimsier fabric, a good cotton twill or other heavier fabric has a more flattering drape, looks classy, and, best of all, will not cling to any lumps or bumps you might have. You can wear this look as is, or pair it with a structured cinch-waist blazer for a look that is a bit more business appropriate. It is totally up to you. As with the wrap dress, picking an outfit in a darker colour can also help slim your figure and make you look smaller than you are.

And Lots More

These are just a few suggestions, and there are many more styles out there that can look stunning on a curvy woman. Pencil skirts, colourblock dresses, and pinstripe pants are a few more fashion trends that will hug your curves and make you look amazing. When in doubt, take a friend with you when you go shopping. Their opinion is probably more accurate than your personal opinion. So, get out there and do a little fashion experimentation.

About the author
: Megan Barnes has a passion for flattering style. She frequently writes about trends and beautiful looks on fashion blogs.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Steps to Becoming a Yummy Mummy

Okay ladies, I’m putting you all on notice. Do any of the following article titles strike a nerve, stir a memory or send your insecurities into overdrive?

Feed on Demand and Drop the Baby Weight in Six Weeks!
Cut Out Sugar and Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Body!

Look At Me Now! Kim Kardashian’s Post- Baby Eating Plan
Look down at your body. Your breasts are probably swollen, sensitive to touch and leaking more dairy product than a split two litre carton in the middle of the freezer section; your once slender stomach in no longer pulled taut and smooth, your abs have been pushed apart and rearranged, swimming in a sea of loosened flesh, tired muscles and inevitable stretchmarks. Your feet, you’d think they would shrink, currently squeezing into sensible sneakers or convenient slip on’s and let’s not get started on the indignity of your nether regions – stitches, tears and the dreaded prospect of sex too soon after the fact. It’s just too much.

Every day you pick up a new magazine detailing the successes of famous women, conquering childbirth and beyond, sporting washboards and box gaps mere weeks after leaving the delivery suite and here you are, exhausted in your lounge room, disgusted by the folds of skin rolling over your maternity jeans. You’re failing. Even with a snap of exercise here and there, and cutting all of the crap from your diet, the weight won’t budge. Stop comparing yourself to cashed up cover girls, spoiled with a personal staff of cooks and personal trainers, nannies and dieticians, all bent on carving out the best product possible. Stop it now. Instead take up these five life changing tips and be surprised by how easy it can be to change your life – you won’t slide into a size ten to twelve straight away, but you’ll be happier, healthier and sexier within a couple of weeks

Get More Sleep

I know, I know, you’re trying, right? Sleep and newborns are contradictory creatures, particularly after another early morning feed; short of cloning your boobs, there’s not much you can do in the shut-eye department, or so it would seem. Yes, it SEEMS that way. Solution? Two options. Express a bottle or two and call your partner to arms, laying down the realities of parenthood – it took two to tango, time to do his part – or sleep fifteen minutes earlier, every night. Fifteen minutes. Not a huge amount of time really; after seven consecutive nights of an extra fifteen minutes, you will notch up an extra two hours of sleep a week.

Buy Smaller Plates

After a day of doing a million things at once, it’s hard to measure your own appetite, assuming you need volume calories to cope with the demands of a baby. While you will crave a pick me up every now and then (Milk Way chocolate bars, anyone?), cut back on meal time overloads and downsize your plates. Really. Take your own crockery out the back and smash it over the tile, cleaning up the mess and replace it with a serving friendly dish. We are visual creatures, attracted to large portions, particularly when we’re trying to survive, thrive and recover. A small dish will make portions seem larger and more filling, satisfying our psychosomatic desire for sustenance.

Spoil Yourself

While a spa treatment may be out of the question at the present moment, spend an extra ten minutes in the morning slathering yourself in your favourite lotions, while your partner, mother, friend or mammary stand-in entertains the little one. Or why not treat yourself at ? It’s important not to lose yourself in the Mummy identity, you are much more than your biological and social function and ten minutes being kind to yourself will ground those feelings of uncertainty. Remember, you’re awesome, before and after birth, no amount of stretchmarks will change that.
Being “yummy” is a state of mind; are you ready to change yours? Let me know how you feel below.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Recordable Media Online

With the advent of digital recorders such as digital cameras that can take photos and video cams for videos, there's no doubt that most of us own any of these devices to capture life's precious moments. It's easier for us now to take lots of photos or videos using our gadgets for we can always buy memory cards with high capacity.

For recordings it's always practical to save them on various places like on our pc harddrive, external harddrive and by burning them on CD or DVD to have multiple back ups. We can now buy DVD or CD on various stores and even online. You can also find recordable media at musicians friend aside from various musical instruments and music stuff.

Fab Find: Forever 21 Fit & Flare Dress

Fab Find: Forever 21 Fit & Flare Dress - 'Tis the Season

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


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