Saturday, October 4, 2008

Books as Gifts

Just one of the traits that I admire at people is when they have the intense passion to read books most especially those intellectual stimulating books bec. to tell you frankly I wish I am like that. 2 of my nieces are gifted with such ability and I can say reading books widens and broadens anyone’s vocabulary and intelligence. I often see them reading thick books with deep stories (not teen romance-they don’t like ‘em) and I was often amazed with that. I am sure as they will mature more and will have other interests I am pretty sure that one day they will even read books about politics or business like that of Dennis C Carey CEO Succession book that can stimulate them more. With their interests in books, you know what we don’t have any hard time thinking what to give them for their b-days and Christmas as books will come easy as our preference. At least we’ll not have a hard time finding of thinking a perfect gift for them.

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