Saturday, June 23, 2007

Regine willing to give up career for Ogie !!

What a statement that is! In a press conference Regine firmly stated that she is willing to give up her singing career if the people will no longer like her sing bec. of Ogie. Wow how sweet naman hehe. I just hope they are in it forever huh ! If you still remember Regine got involve with Ariel Rivera many years go and it seems that she likes married men (huh?). It's crazy to hear celebrity gossips sometimes bec. they are shocking most of the time. But we always love gossips, right??

(Watched Unang Hirit) Regine and Ogie are in th
e US for their concert and they are now open to the public about their relationship. Ogie even told that she will not let Regine give up her career. And would you believe Regine was even celebrating Xmas at Ogie's house in Australia tog. with Michelle and the kids.. Wow, Ogie even admitted this and Michelle was even the one who encouraged Ogie to come out open in public about their relationship. Amazing isn't it??
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gretchen in the limelight again

Just in case you haven't seen the controversial pics of Gretchen and John Estrada. then here it is. Kaloka, John already apologized to Greta and they already admitted that they are really in the pics and it was taken at JOhn's cellphone.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome !!!!!

I just found time today to update my personal blog and thought i'd make another one. I will be posting here about shopping (who doesn't love this!), products, good finds, the Internet, blogging, gadgets and anything I would probably want to share.

So bear with me as I will share stuffs around here. This is my 1st post here ! Loving this, enjoy your stay. Welcome and enjoy your stay

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