Friday, May 19, 2023

Financial Solutions

Who will ever forget the 2020 world economic crisis brought by Covid-19 infections? All of us around the globe have been affected; from workers being laid off from work, businesses shutting down, countless people being infected, food scarcity and numerous people lost their lives. It was such an unpleasant memory to even recall since the challenges have been overwhelming and tough.

The pandemic has brought many of us with financial crisis, health emergency, disturbed emotional well-being and debt management challenges. It crippled us in so many ways that we never imagined it was possible. The impact it has made is unforeseen and has posed a great test to worldwide public health and every government’s preparedness to deal on the situation.

Mid and latter part of 2020 was the hardest part of my life and my family with our business being closed, me and mom being infected by Covid-19, few food and supply stores open, financially unstable, mentally challenged and locked up at home. Those challenges have made us stronger and even better person. The pandemic has brought the unity among us by helping one another by giving back to the community, donating and helping one another during the global crisis. So glad that we have managed to surpass those trying days and now we are back on our feet again.

For many us, life is “normal” again and we always must be thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to still be alive these days. Although not everyone has fully recovered from financial difficulties, we need to remember that there is hope and solution to every problem. Planning and budgeting money for our family has always been daunting. Paycheck to paycheck to pay the bills, kids’ education, providing food on the table can be an endless routine but we need to be strong and wise to be able to make ends meet each month. Not to mention that we also need to save a little just in case health emergencies arises.

It's pretty tough if you’re struggling with finances and having a bad credit. Most of the times our family and friends will fail in helping us especially when it comes to money matters. What makes it even harder is that your chances of getting your loan approve on most banks is very slim due to bad credit and lack of necessary papers to submit to back up your loan.

Although there are still financial institutions that can still help you in getting a loan and the payment terms will be tailored to your capacity to pay your debt. Also, if you know someone or coach with financial wisdom, they can also help and advise you on how to budget and work around your finances.Online research is also one of the best ways to learn more about managing your money through some help by a financial advisor.

There are short-term financial solutions that anyone can opt to choose like acquiring a loan from Their resources and faq guides can help you understand more and guide you with the process. Borrowing is easy but it requires full time commitment and dedication to be able to get the help you need. Just trust the process and work things out and sooner you’ll be able to stand and be back on your feet once again. Always take time to read, research, ask around and deal each problem with an open mind and heart. It will not be easy but that’s life, experiences and hardships are part of it.

 Finding a solution to your financial debt and managing your finances can really be overwhelming but know that there are many options to take heed.

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