Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Travelling Stress Free With an Infant

It’s stressful traveling and even more stressful traveling with a baby. From checking-in to enduring cramped seats, it’s not surprising that most long-distance flights have loads of crying babies. Babies need a lot of attention, care and comfort and will throw a fit if they feel abandoned or deprived for even a minute so it is great to ensure your baby is happy to avoid making other passengers uncomfortable.

Skip the normally scenic window seats and be practical for your baby’s sake by booking the aisle seat which would allow you move freely without bothering any other passenger. Aisle seats make for easier movements to and fro the bathroom.

To relieve the dreaded ear pressure during take off, you may breastfeed your baby or use a pacifier. Some parents even make their babies fall asleep right before take off by feeding the baby. Carry along toys to keep your baby entertained during the trip and prevent the boredom tantrum.

Most importantly, have as much fun as you can during your trip, take photos or make videos to document your memories. Life doesn’t have to be that hard after all.

For more stress free travelling trips see the infographic below Baby in a Stroller.

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