Friday, October 23, 2020

Things to Do to Prepare for a Shooting Competition

If you are considering signing up for a shooting competition, it's best that you get your practice in and have the right items to help you prepare! Below are some tips on how to improve your shooting accuracy and speed.

Get the Right Holster

Some competitions have speed as a critical judging element. This could be the speed at which someone manages to hit their target or the speed at which someone can pull their gun out of their holster and shoot (think about an Old West shootout). While only practice can help you to be a faster shooter, the right holster can make it easier to pull your gun out. So, when you need speed, look into competition holsters. These professional-grade holsters can make your gun-slinging speed just that much faster, helping you to inch past the competition!

Hit the Shooting Range

Practice is more important than anything else! If you have a shooting range around you, use it. It will be your best asset. If the competition is being held at a certain shooting range, try to get your practice in there. This can help to mimic the feeling of being in the real competition. 

If there is not a shooting range around you, then you can still practice. Try to find yourself the same types of targets that will be used in the competition. Firstly, work on your accuracy. That is more important than anything else when it comes to the judgment of shooting competitions! Once you have that down, focus on your speed. With both of these skills mastered, you are a shoo-in for a prize!

Even though it's a cliche, remember that practice makes perfect! The right holster can help you a little bit, but the right amount of practice can help you a lot! 

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