Monday, October 27, 2008

Are you Trick or Treating This Year?

Halloween is upon us in few more days and have you already bought your Halloween costumes that you will be wearing? Just in case you have nothing to wear then I suggest you could easily copy Sarah Palin Halloween costume that I posted a while back. It is for sure a hit. I was at the SM mall yesterday with my niece and it's nice to be on the shopping mode again about so many months of not going to malls (I am saving for a project next month that is why).

This year, we are not going or participating in any Halloween Party or Trick or Treatin' at any malls bec. we have not prepared for it and I think we have passed that stage already where we bring the kids. Wish we can still do that but really we have no plans of doing that. I have seen lots of nice masks and costume for sale at the shops and the mall is already in Halloween theme. What about you, are you Trick or Treating this year? Care to share what kind of costumes you are having this time? I hope you'll all have a blast.

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