Sunday, January 31, 2010

ANG PINAKA: Bonggang Showbiz Comeback Part 2

ANG PINAKA: Bonggang Showbiz Comeback Part 2, shown at QTV11

1o. Rowell Santiago
9. Jennylyn Mercado
8. Princess Punzalan
7. Susan Roces
6. Heart Evangelista
5. Mark Anthony Fernandez
4. Kristine Hermosa
3. Jerico Rosales
2. Gina PareƱo
1. Gabby Concepcion

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Sale on Floor Tiles

Avail of this Winter Sale on tile flooring at Just browse among their over 30,00 different styles, colors, brand and textures on ceramic, porcelain tile, metal and glass tiles. Whether you are renovating or constructing your kitchen, bathroom, spa/pool, dining or commercial rooms they have what you need.

You can even do the quick search in the website juts by clicking the brand, series and color that you like. Go check them out.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Canon EOS (SLR) and Digital (Point and Shoot) Cameras

I've been hooked to digital photography 2 years ago when my aunt from the US gave me a point and shoot digital Canon camera. I was clicking photos here and there.

I also bought my Canon 400d DSLR 2 years ago to upgrade and now I think it's time for another upgrade or I'm just thinking of getting a new lens or external flash. Been looking around for great deals so I can also save a little.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I love being a woman

One of the best things being a woman is to be able to wear cute dresses like this Empire Dress from Banana Republic. This is perfect for parties and other occasion. This style also can hide the flabs on your waist, oh you can even wear this on your 1st months of pregnancy huh. Actually i don't wear dress all the time but this one would be perfect for my petite body.

Aside from that I have the liberty to decide on what career to choice, a web designer, work at an insurance advertising company, and more or just simply work at home.

Toto Toilet for the Home

I was at the mall yesterday with my niece and grabbed her hand so that we can go to home section of the mall to look for a cleaner for our bathroom. I've been meaning to make our bathroom sparkling clean and wished we can have it renovated and replace all the fixture with branded items like Toto toilet bowl, sinks and more.

I don't see our renovation being done this year but still hoping it will come true. Toto brands are available at just in case you want to browse for their products.

KATE SPADE Coral Reef Necklace

It's shopping time once again for me and my niece. I was with her yesterday at the mall and we picked up some goodies for ourselves and gosh I dunno why shopping brings a different euphoria. After having search the internet for an insurance quote that we'll be needed I chanced upon this beautiful coral reef necklace by KATE SPADE at Nordstrom.

It's a 12k gold plated brass with glass and shells and how I'd wish I can hold of it. It is selling for $215 .. awww!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dutch Master

Are you a smoker? Then perhaps you have tasted some of the best cigars in the world. Though I personally don't like smoking,there are others who can't take that off habit off them. For sure they have tasted Dutch Master cigar or if not, they want to have a taste of it. Just a word of warning. Smoking is not really a good thing to do, puffing once or twice and in disciplined manner is ok. Like any other things, anything in excess is not always good.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black Head Extractors

If it's not that embarrassing to share but, I have blackheads on my nose that I find so unsightly and so annoying. I know I don't have flawless skin but for sure many of us have blackheads on our faces. Our pores are clogged with dirt and it often times cause breakouts that we don't want to happen.

I have tried pricking it before, yeah I know it's bad but can't help it. I have not gone to a facial salon to have it extracted though. There's also another alternative, putting creams or solution on it. Read more about it at for they have listed some products for your reference.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Inspiring Biggest Loser Ali Vincent

We already heard weight loss success stories such as this Biggest Loser winner Ali Vincent and it's always inspiring most especially to those that is losing hope to lose their weight. Just think about what had Ali have done, hard work, self control, perseverance and all and look she made it.

There are actually more weight loss success stories who have done other means to lose weight, so anyone should not lose hope if you only put your heart into it and you program yourself you can do it. Nothing is impossible as long as you want to reach your goal.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pre-Natal Vitamins

Being pregnant is one of the most anticipated moment for any woman and for couples. Imagine having a baby inside your womb for 9 months to keep is no joke so you need to take extra care and appointments to your OB gyne to ensure a healthy pregnancy. You OB is the only one that can prescribe you on what to take or not, it may include prenatal vitamins or those milk for mothers. Just remember, pregnant women should always see her OB.

Eating Too Much

So we had a sumptuous dinner tonight at a nearby resto and with all the foods that we ate we are all stuffed. I have to tease my teenage nephew that he ballooned and he should get a quick trim diet tomorrow for munching all crispy pata, fried chicken, lechon kawali and other native Pinoy dishes that we have. It's a feast that we don't want to miss.

After dinner, we took home some massive left overs because it's a waste to leave it there as we can eat them tomorrow morning. I hope our high blood and cholesterol level won't go up

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Treat That Zits

As a woman we are always conscious about our physical appearance. The slightest oil or appearance of an acne would make us worry and search for an acne home remedy to treat that breakout. I once had breakouts every now and then and I was thinking all along what makes it worst. I have found out that I am allergic to nuts and it will result to a breakout in my face. I'm not sure if anyone encountered such I don;t usually have an acne unless I eat too much nuts.

Colonix Review

Are you looking for a colonix colon cleanser? I know most of us would do not want to self medicate and just drink what is available and have seen on commercials. Sometimes it's scary and would lead to a more serious conditions. Anyway, if you have time you need to do your own research and read colonix review to know more about the product. In this way you have a knowledge of what you are going to take. If not sure ask your doctors.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Car Insurance Companies

As a car (or any vehicle) owner it is our duty to always to insure our vehicles. We never know when an accident will happen so being insured is the best way. There are many car insurance companies out there that can help us with our insurance. Online, there are even free car insurance quotes where we can avail of in minutes. All we need to do is to compare and sign up on companies that can give more benefits in the end.

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