Sunday, October 5, 2008

Health Care System

Every nation would make it a point to give a good health care system for their citizens. But what would citizens do if they are not given priority? Always much affected are those poor ones bec. with their financial difficulties they’d always not get good health care. There is no reason not to believe why there are many deaths due to illnesses due to poverty.

I guess, the health care system in the US is no exception, there are also problems underlying there and Dan P Neumeister shares his opinions about health care issues on his weblog. He is in the health care business for nearly 30 years now and with his expertise he was able to lead the expansion emergency rooms, brand new maternity center, and new surgical-unit suites that can serve a lot of patients. He is also the former Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Enloe Health System and Senior Executive responsible for the Medical Center.

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