Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reviews of Hair Loss products

When we buy products whether it will be a shampoo, conditioner or whatever we always want to know if the product really works and many are using it. So we sometimes ask people if they used it and what can they say about the product. Product reviews are great to help people choose what they want to buy. Just in case of hair loss products have a comprehensive reviews of these products and rank them accordingly.

Topping the list of the Hair Loss products is provillus with 94% rating, next is procerin, thymusil and advecia. They not only have product reviews on the site but also have informative hair loss guide for people so just in case you are worried about your thinning hair you can check out for more info. You’ll also get your money’s worth when you will read reviews at before buying product that you don’t know. You can also write your online review of the product that you have used to help other people too.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sunday Shopping

My sis-in-law and I went shopping at Greenhills Shopping Center (my fave mall) to buy refillable ink for my printer, headset, CDRs and more. We had a look at the CD and DVD movies that is on sale at Shoppesville selling at P75 up. I tried to look for a good title but we where in a hurry so we weren't able to buy some DVD movies. The tiangge was also filled with shoppers and i had a blast in taking a look at all those beautiful shirts and blouses for sale. Right after strolling Greenhills we went to Galleria to buy a gift for the 3rd b-day of my godson tomorrow. I bought him a Garfield shirt and shorts and i chose a big size for he is so big for a 3 year old. I also bought one for my other godchild as a Christmas gift. I've already started buying one by one gifts for Christmas.

Business Loan

In this age and time, prices of commodities go up; gas and other expenses everyone will be considering having their own business where they have the liberty to have their own time, run it on your managing skill and be your own boss. I am very lucky to say that I have my own business that I am running. Although there are times that business will move slow but one must be very patient and determined to make it succeed. A friend of mine is seriously thinking of quitting her 9-5 job and wanted start her own lil home business and he is just saving money to start.
is also a great way to start your business now or if you are thinking of expanding your existing one. offers easy process, fast funding plus great service for their clients. Their loans and lines of credit require No Collateral thus making it more affordable for borrowers. For more info you can visit them now.

Monday, October 29, 2007

In search of beauty?

I was watching PPP (Pinoy Big Brother) last night and I can’t help but notice Ethel’s big boobs bec. it was so big and she is not ashamed to tell the people that she had it done. Not only that she even has multiple surgeries like on her cheeks, behind and cleft chin. Amazing and very brave girl she is and I don’t think that surgeries are for all people. There are many surgeons and clinics all over the world and that includes Northern Virginia plastic surgeon that is doing this kind of business. we should be picky on what surgeons to choose bec. your life is at stake. Read and make research it’s better be sure than to be sorry.

Another gift idea

While shopping yesterday at the mall i always noticed that there are a lot of toys that malls and stall owners are displaying already. As early as this , malls here in the Phils. have already Christmas decors and already inviting shoppers to shop for toys for kids. I see a lot of cars battery operated or remote ones, airplanes, trucks, Barbie dolls, Brats and many others.

There are many gift ideas that we can give to kids this Christmas and they love them. This Lego Starwars Slave I contains 537 lego pc. and is another gift idea and it costs about $49.99 at For bigger kids that i already don't know what will i buy i just give them money so they can buy what they want.

Tongue Tattoos

Oh my goodness, people are getting more weird each day. I never thought that you can have a tattoo on the tongue not until I saw these 2 men (on the pic). Oh boy, oh boy, they are very playful with their bodies and have weird self expression. I can’t quite figure out what tattoo design they have put on their tongues all I can say is ouch!! I don't have a tattoo on my body, not my cup of tea.

Clearance sale at Victoria's Secret

Who on earth doesn't love Victoria's Secret? I especially love their oh so fragrant lotions and colognes. I happened to browse their site today bec. i was looking for our exchange gifts at our forum worth $20. And take a look at these tops that sells from $10.99 and under what a great savings. Not only they have sale on tops but also bags, panties, sweaters and more

Experience Italian Cuisine

When it comes to Italian cuisine, I can say I have tasted their authentic cooking already bec. my bro-inlaw is an Italian. When I visited them at their house last year my bro made it a point to cook pastas. I thought Italian cuisine is bland for my taste hehe bec. we Filipinos have a sweet taste. Anyway, if you like to experience the Italian taste there is Trattoria Acqua, one of the finest Italian restaurants in La Jolla in California. They are located overlooking the La Jolla Cove and Pacific Ocean offering delicious food, wines and lots more .

Christmas: time for shopping and parties

Christmas is fats approaching and what else are we thinking about except sharing gifts and endless parties. Would you believe I already have started to shop bit by bit for Christmas gifts esp. when I saw some sales at the mall hehe. Christmas is also a time for reunions and gatherings and there are some people who want to look good even will go to Chicago facelifts centers just to enhance their beauties. Like on dec. 26 our clan (mother side) will have a lunch gathering at one of our relatives. It would be an event most of us are awaiting.

Halloween Costumes for kids

Halloween is just near and are your prepared for this event? actually this year we don't have plans of asking the kids to wear costumes or something. With the recent bombing of the Glorietta mall many people are kinda scared to go out and have fun at the mall. But for those that will go there are cute Halloween stuff for the kids at

I saw some cute baby snail costumes for only $29.99 and i know they will be out of stock in any moment bec. there are many who will be buying. Baby Elephant costume is only $19.99 and is very very cute for kids or babies. I wish we can participate at the party so the kids will enjoy. Hmm there will be next year anyway.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Chloe Jacquard Paddington bag

Take a look at this new Fall 2007 release, it's the Authentic Chloe Jacquard Paddington bag and it is worth $1000. The paddington bag is surely a hit but oh my would you buy such a bag for that price?

I recently bought a Chloe bag ( at a very good price and bec. it is only a replica of the rig. I don't the budget to buy the real thing so i opted for that one.

Shopping Cart Software

I guess you have experience shopping online and have you ever wondered how we can purchase their goods just by putting our purchase on the cute shopping cart? Online stores are actually using shopping cart software and this software is available at AShop. And did you know that you don’t need to be a techie to set up your own shopping cart? AShop’s ecommerce software is web-based and easy to install. Some of the software’s features are its affordability, easily customizable design, full technical support and ease of use. This software is also award winning so a lot of online store owners are using them already.
So if you are planning to set up your own online store and have no clue where to get your shopping cart AShop is there to help you out. It can be daunting but they will guide and assist you in handling their shopping cart software. In no time your is up and running.

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