Saturday, August 30, 2008

Katie Holmes sporting Boyfriend Jeans

Lots of photos by Katie Holmes wearing those boyfriend jeans are pasted all over the net. This new fashion has been imitated by many thinking that they will look like Katie when they wear that. In my opinion it looks kinda rugged and is not perfect to wear if you are petite and small like me. Not anyone can get away with this fashion trend so be careful or you might end up a fashion victim.

However if you feel like buying or trying one.. you can find one at victoria secret or levi's jeans.
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For a Beautiful and Healthier You

So you are dieting these days eh? You have gained a lot of weight and now here you are worrying about how to lose those unwanted and annoying fats that is inside your body. Oh well it is really easy to gain and put on weight but the hardest part is how to lose it and maintain the weight and shape that is appropriate for your body.

My advice is to start eating healthy food and live a healthy life style. Abandon those late night eating junk foods and start a simple exercise to help you going. Losing weight will not happen overnight to mind you, it takes a lot of discipline on your part. If you try wanted to try taking those diet pill like Leptovox, you might as well read reviews about it and what ingredients that it is made of. Just remember to read labels, take your doctors advice, be disciplined and I think you’ll get the body that you always wanted. So start now for a beautiful you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm a Sensible Shopper!

You are 43 % shopaholic
Congratulations, you’re obviously a lady with a large helping of self-control. Whilst you do enjoy the odd scout round the stores and have been known to get those cash registers ringing in your time, you steer clear of frivolous, unnecessary purchases and don’t have to go cold turkey if you’re away from the shops a while.

Oh yeah I can say I'm not a shopaholic yet bec. I can still control my expenses, i just cover my eyes when I saw a blouse or bag that I really want when I don't have a money.. You can take the quiz HERE if you want to know what kind of shopper are you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fab and Beautiful

There will come a time in our lives when we’ll think more about our health and not just our physical appearance. We can always stay fab and beautiful by living a healthy life style, free from vices (smoking etc) and free from drugs. Exercise is also essential to ones health to make us going. I am not a sports buff though but a regular playing of badminton keeps my body more alive that it was before. There are also people who aside from exercising also take vitamins or fat burners to keep them in shape. There are many alternatives to make us heatly but always remember stay away from drugs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't get broke when shopping

A lot of woman or majority of us really loves to shop for many reasons. Others shop as a hobby, others shop bec. they needed it, others shop to reward themselves, others shop to kill their time, while other do it bec. they just want to and some just shop bec. they are simply shopaholic. Whatever our reasons are women is already synonymous to shopping. Guys may joke at us that we are not “complete” of we don’t buy a thing or to in the shops.

There are however many woman who shop beyond their means or simply means that they buy or purchase anything they fancy about without realizing that they’re already going overboard or what they purchase in a month is more than what they are earning. This is really happening so this is no joke, other are being drowned with their credit card debts or money borrowed from friends or relatives. You don’t want this to happen to you, right? The worst thing is that you don’t want to end up selling a property or getting mortgage quotes to pay for the money you owe. This is such a hard truth, discipline and self control over our finances must be looked into. It’s not bad to shop but we need to have a limit.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Celeb Fashion Disaster????

We always look high up to celebrities bec. they are ones who give us ideas of the latest trends in fashion and style but when they miss the fashion mark, people always ridicule them. I think some celebrities also exaggerates on how they dress up that sometimes they don't care what people will say about them. What can you say about Rhianna's gladiator shoes here? For me I don't like the gladiator shoe fashion but i like her top though. For this one, forgive me if i have to laugh but Lady GaGa's outfit made me want roll on the floor. Did she forgot her pants? Is she barbie going on space or somethin? tell me hehe

Our Crowning Glory

Women like me would always try to find a way to make our hair neat, soft and presentable bec. as they say it is our crowning glory. There are many treatments available at many salons everywhere and we only need to know what will suit best for our hair. Maintaining it with hot oil treatment ever month or so is a good choice. Not all treatments are safe though especially if the chemicals used are strong as they can damage our hairs, so be cautious of that. Our hair also needs a rest from too much perming, coloring, hot flat iron and too much styling and I reckon these can contribute also to hair loss aside from stress and other factors.

Don’t you know that not only us women who are very conscious of our hair, men have also been known for that and balding is their major enemy so to speak. My dad suffers from that and he hated being seen with receding hairline that he resorted to wearing a wig, which we all don’t agree. Anyway, those were the days when treatments are not very visible in the market but these days men found many alternatives to combat hair loss. There’s also a site that review hair loss products like Procerin for men and they give valuable information of the products where men can peruse for their benefit. You can read product's costs, benefit, ingredients and conclusion there. Just like what we do when we need to purchase a certain product that we usually have no idea about, it is always best to read reviews or ask people who might have used it. In this manner we can have idea already in mind on the product that we want to use.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Set for the week from Polyvore

I love the bag here it seems that the space inside is spacious just like what I wanted. That blouse is also kinda cute, it is by Hanii Y Satin bow blouse from and you can also mix this with skinny jeans and a pair of sexy heels and you'll be oozing with sex appeal. Perfect for woman on the go and fashionistas.

Get this style
; Blouse by Hanii Yat
Bag by: Diagonal Quilted bag from
Space Flower Pin by:

Shoes by: Miu Miu black brogue heel with ruffle from

Shopping for electronic goods

So what is your latest purchase this time? There are lots of techie gadgets mushrooming in the market today like Blu-ray player, HD DVD and those stuff need to have a HDMI cable wherein you can connect it to a hi-definition TV for your great viewing pleasures. Those that have a mini home theater would definitely enjoy such crisp sound and graphics. There are also a lot of new laptops with great specs now adays and how’d I wish I can upgrade my HP pavilion desktop to a new HP laptop where I can carry every where I go.

And wow Christmas is fats approaching, Xbox, PSP3 and other Wii and other gaming devices are perfect gifts for those kids and adults that love hi-tech gaming. But I reckon there are more gadgets coming up this year to make us consumers get the perfect tool we need.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Paris Hilton's New Bag Line

The ever so controversial celebrity Paris Hilton is in the news once again but this time she is not in trouble for violating any law but instead she has kept fashionistas drool over her new launched bag line she called Confidence. She launches her new handbag collection in Copenhagen International Fashion Fair and every one is talking about it. Her bags will be sold in more than 80 countries worldwide and for sure bag aficionados would love to get hold one of her designs. Ahhh if only i can afford one.. sigh..

It’s never fun to shop when….

….you are not feeling well and having cramps. I personally hate to shop when I have pms bec. I’ll be a mess and during that time my dysmenorrhea will be attacking once again. How can one concentrate and enjoy shopping or just strolling down the mall when you are in pain? During that period I am also bloated, legs cramping, hands and feet cold and I only want to just stay in bed or drink my mefenamic acid. I don’t know about other woman but some uses over the counter remedies like progesterone cream or other remedies but I have not tried it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Equestrian Clothing

You can find quality equestrian clothing at the The Equestrian Corner where quality meets comfortability. They provide a wide selection of horse riding apparels perfect for their choosy riding customers. Their suppliers are handpicked by the owner so you are rest assured that only high quality and the best apparels are on their collection. They cater for both men and women equestrian; their products includes boots, shirts, coats, helmets to name a few.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Policy is my personal domain and all of the contents that I put in here were all written by me.

Please do note that I sometimes accept payments for articles or product reviews and these may not always be identified as paid or compensated posts. All of my posts are written with the best of my ability and honesty.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unique Baby Gifts

Choosing gifts for babies is sometimes hard especially if you want it to be unique and personalized. I remember giving the same kind of gift to my godchildren when I already run out of ideas, the good thing is that they don;t have the same mothers. lol. Anyway, if you are trying to find unique baby gifts or something for your kids then while browsing online i found this cute site Polka Dot Boutique that caters baby stuff both for lil' girls and boys. Mommies you can browse by brands, price, season or style. With a lot of cute, colorful and funky stuff in their collection I am sure you'll never get of out of the site without putting any item on your cart.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Used Harley- Davidson Motorcycle

When it comes to motorbikes, I can say that one of my bro has some authority over it although he is not an expert. Having quite a few motorbikes in his possession, he can easily say if a motorbike is in a good shape or not. He is also into buy and sell of used motorbikes when time permits. We all know that aside from cars, motorbikes are guy’s big toys and you’d not wonder anymore that there are guys that really have an obsession over them that some of them collect cars and motorbikes. Of course they’d prefer vintage ones or those that will still have value through the years.

For motorbike aficionados who would not want to have Harley Davidson bikes to show off their friends and family. One time, I saw a herd of motor bikers across the hi-way in Australia and what makes them noticeable is that they are using Harleys. Guys wearing black jackets and black shoes with helmets and sexy girls behind their backs would surely attract attention. My bro would definitely drool over Harleys but I don’t think he can afford to get one. Oh well just in case you are looking fort used Harleys , you can check bec. you they can get it at a much affordable price.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blair Waldorf Inspired Headbands

I was watching Unang Hirit TV Show the other day and they have a guest that make and sells Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) Inspired Headbands. I remember in the 80's where big ribbon hair clips are so in fashion, I use to wear such in the 80's and now they are back in the form of headbands. Yay, I don't think I can wear such now as they are quite too big and don't fit my age

I know these will look great for teens bec. If i will wear that I will look like a walking gift with a

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Pulse Oximeter

I can only imagine how hard it must be to asthmatic. My distant aunt has been suffering that for the longest time and I know that there is really no cure about this ailment, they can only prevent it. It was also pretty bad to see them suffer when their asthma attacks them bec. they would hurriedly get their medicines and such.

For health buffs and into sports, monitoring their health is already part of their life. One such must have gadget is the pulse oximeter where it can check your heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation levels esp. if your use the quick fingertip oximeter. This can be pretty affordable and easy to carry along, good for poeple such as pilots, ashmatics, and those with breathing problems. Others have nebulizers or blood pressures just in case they need them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Arrivals From Liz

When I think of Liz Claiborne, the 1st thing that will come to my mind is perfume. I remember a relative of mine gave one to me many years ago. Many designers now have been branching out into designing clothes for the young, contemporary and the hip. While browsing online, just found her website ( and just loved her new collections esp. her summer collections. They look so comfy and very stylish as well. Most of the online stores also have sale or clearance sales going on and that includes liz claiborne's site.

Make those acnes go away

Women are mostly protective of their skin and would really find a way to make it soft and flawless. Not all women are blessed with beautiful skin like mine; I have seen some women who have so much acne on their face that it nearly covered it. Such a disgusting sight to see sometimes but I know they are trying to look for an acne treatment that can help her. I know it’s not all with the food that we eat but most of the times it’s in the genes esp. those that have quite a major breakout.

Lowepro Camera Bags

I am a certified LOWEPRO camera bag user as you can see and I really find it very durable and it can keep your camera safe inside. Mine is Apex 140W and I bought it at Henry's in Quaipo, Manila. You can choose different style to match your liking and there are many styles to choose from. Actually I am planning to get another lowepro bag soon when I got my new lens for my camera.

They have backpacks, sling bags, rolling cases, camera pouches, top loading and lots more. Look for your own style at

Monday, August 4, 2008

Great Electronic Deals

I guess almost all of us want to buy products where we can save a little, so we try to look for stores whether online or offline. I personally try to look around on several stores 1st and get their prices and then I’ll choose the best price deal. Just like for example when I bought a TV for my room, mom and I really took our time to go to electronic shops around here in our town to get the best deals and I was glad that the Sharp TV I got has a package promo so I got also DVD player at much lesser price.

Online I found great
electronics deals over at and perhaps you can browse their products like HDTV, DVD player, Mp3 and lots more. Their deals were something that you can consider.

Ichigo Collections

I have been seeing Ichigo over at Greenhills mall and they actually have trendy, cool and hip styles perfect for trendy fashionistas. Found their store over at Multiply and saw their collections.

It is also my first time to know the meaning of Ichigo, which is actually a Japanese word for strawberries, cute huh? This striking yellow bag and this cute polka dot shoes is selling at P680.

Sony PlayStation 3

Play gadgets have been becoming “techier” every time famous game makers release their new products. Sony’s new playstation 3 have lured a lot of kids and adult gamers as well. With Christmas just around the corner, perhaps you could already canvas prices this early or buy this early bec. for sure when holidays come toy prices will soon mark up.

This new toy can have the ability to play ps3 games, blu ray disc movies and lot more of great functions that a modern techie gamer wants to have.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Raining! Wear Fashionable Rain Boots !

It's rainy seasons now here in the Phils. and it is always wet. I was browsing the net today and found these cute rain boots, which is actually available here in the Phils. through Plueys. There are actually lots of cute designs not just for adults but for the kids as well. It can be pricey though but I guess it doesn't matter for those that can afford to buy one. Fashionable even it is raining !

You can also find cute ones at Amazon

Promotional Pens

Don’t you just love receiving pens or other souvenirs from different companies out there? Companies give such to promote their product or as a token for their customers. Since Christmas is coming again in few months time, I guess companies are already trying to cook up their own gimmick or give-away that will attract customers. I can recommend Pens R Us that can make promotional pens and it comes in wide selection of styles. Just browse their website for more details and how to order from them.

I Love Shopping !!

I have created this tag for all shopaholics out there and if you want to join, just grab this tag
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Consumer Price Watch

With the recent increase of transport fares and the continuous add up of prime commodities in the market today, people really will think about ways how to save and get the most of the product that they are buying. I personally go to mall and look for products that were on sale, although sometimes we SHOULD NOT buy because it is cheap. We also must see to it that it is durable and worth buying so we don’t just end up impulse buying.

Always look on groceries or mall where there are great savings bec. mall often times have that to sell all their old stocks. Just remember to inspect products well before buying. It also goes well not just for buying fruits, clothing, and furniture but also for medicines or supplements. Always READ labels and read reviews like for example for people who are dieting it is also good to know the best diet pills like Orovo or Phentermine no prescription and decide for yourself.

Friday, August 1, 2008

: Bayo Clothing Store :

Finally the new online website of Bayo is up and running now it's still in beta version though. As usual beautiful KC is their image model. It's been down for the past days when I'm trying to browse it. There are pretty tops and other clothings posted in their site and I am sure teens would love their new styles and collections. Go check out their site...

Moving Boxes

Moving from one place to another or one house/office to another can be so tasking. If you have experienced it, I guess you know what I mean. We also see to it that when we pack our precious things, it should be as careful as possible so that it will not be damaged while we are moving. We already know that it is best to cover glasses, plates or things that will break with packing papers to reduce the pressure inside the box when we pack it. I can also recommend to put them on a sturdy moving boxes that you can also buy online. There are many sizes that can suite your packing needs.

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