Monday, November 26, 2007

My Canon Rebel XTi ( EOS 400d)

Oh i almost forgot to share this. Anyway, last Monday i went to Quiapo in Manila with a friend to buy my 1st DSLR cam. I asked Wanda, a co-bebot where can i buy DSLR with a good price and she told me that Hidalgo is photographer's haven.

So off I go to Quiapo and of course kinda afraid bec. of the sum of money i have in my pocket (lots of pickpockets there you know). I am so happy to buy this CANON EOS 400D (Rebel Xti) kit with a free 1GB Kingston Compact Flash out of my blogging money as a birthday gift for myself, isn't it great huh? I bought this at Henry's Store in Hidallgo. I also got a Lowepro camera bag, extra battery and a SANDISK Extreme III 4GB Compact Memory.

I am pretty sure digi cam prices are going down these days. Have you got yourself one today?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Save with Amazon discounts!

When it comes to shopping nothing beats the bargain or discounted goodies for us to enjoy. I myself would really love to hunt for those goodies for my shopping pleasure whether it is online or offline. I can always haggle for prices at bargain shops until the owner give in to my request. You can’t do that when you shop online right? So what’s the best thing to do when you want to get a discount when you shop online? The answer is look for coupon codes of your favorite online store. You can get these coupons at DealLocker where they have tens and thousands of these coupons available.

I know everyone of us loves shopping at Amazon because they not only sell books but they already have clothing, electronics, home and garden, baby stuff and whole lot more. You can buy almost anything there. An online friend of mine even got her Canon DSLR at amazon.

Do you want to know how you can save while shopping at Amazon? First of at you can get coupon code so you can shop anything you fancy. This is really a good deal especially Christmas is already coming. Don’t rush yourself buying at the malls in December bec. you can already do it online. There are also secret Amazon discounts at their site where you can find deals in Discount Finder. What a great way to know about this, I didn’t know about this not until I surfed the net.

Aside from that you can also get that you can give discount Amazon gift certificates to loved ones, just browse through their lists and for sure you’ll nail one that you will like. You are sure you’ll get savings and saved bucks with these coupon codes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jewelry Gifts for your loved ones

Christmas is coming in few more days actually and have you already started buying gifts for you loved one? If you’re going to ask me, I already started and I never thought that it will be hard to think and choose what to give. I went out at a mall and bought mom a blouse but of boy when I got home and compared it with her other blouses it was way too big for her. Another wasted gift yay, I guess I will just give it to someone else.

Have you experienced the same thing? There are times that I also run out of gift ideas so online browsing is a great help. Although I can’t give an expensive jewelry for my mom this year but I know that those who would like to give jewelry as gifts they will find My Jewelry Box very helpful for them. Online jewelry store like My Jewelry Box have great gift ideas for your loved ones. They have rings, pendants, bracelets, engagement rings, earring and more. You’ll never run out of things to give especially if you want high quality Jewelry Gift .

You can either shop by browsing by category like the ones I mentioned or you can either shop by materials like diamonds, gemstones, citrines, cubic zirconia, gold, silver and cleaners. Not only that if you are in a certain budget you can browse though price ranging from $100 and up to over $5,000, of course prices will depend on the materials used.
18K Pure White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings are just one of the many samples that you can buy at My Jewelry Box. Just take a look at the photo, isn’t that gorgeous? I myself would melt when someone will give me that earrings. Jewelries are by far the most collected and well- loved by women all over the world. A nice piece of diamond earrings is already a great collection for any woman.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Save extra bucks while shopping for your ink cartridges

With my desktop publishing business having a printer is a must to print all the business cards, invitations, typing works that I have here. And you always know that ink cartridges

always run out especially if I have bulk printings to do and to save a little bit I don’t usually buy original HP inkjet cartridges for my HP printer. Many say that the printer will not work properly if you use remanufactured cartridges but I don’t think that is really true. As long as you used high quality replacements and you clean and maintain your printer, your printer will work just fine. And one more thing, just don’t let cartridges dry esp. when not in use.

I have 2 printers here at my store and it is always nice to have 2 since one will serve as back up when one printer will go out of order or becomes low on ink in the middle of the printing. I used replacements both on the 2 printers and it is working perfectly.

If you are considering of trying to use replacement inks, you can always find high quality replacements and remanufactured ink cartridges like HP 56 black

or HP C6656 at Carrot at affordable prices. They actually offer wide variety of cartridges that will match your printer. Just browse or shop either by brand or by printer model it will be much easier to find them.

Shopping Galore

Wooohooo.. I was out the whole day bec. a friend of mine and I went to the biggest bargain shopping mall here at our place. We started in mid lunch and ended almost at 6 pm. Wow, my legs sometimes could not take the long walk in and out of the stalls to see a good bargain.

Christmas is coming and i have started buying gifts for my relatives already. Although i haven't bought all in my list but at least i have started. I also bought a lot of shirts for myself and a bag too. I could not resist the big bargains that i saw over there.

Actually i have been eyeing to buy a new sandals but i can't seem to find the perfect one that will suit my taste. I just love shopping esp. if i have so money to spend, lol. I am so happy with what i have bought

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Short on shopping money?

I definitely know it is very hard to have no more money shopping fro the necessary things in you household. When money becomes short bec. you missed balancing how to budget it before your payday that is where the problem arises. We can’t top emergencies or unnecessary expenditures bec. that will really happen in our lives at one point or another. Cash advance are the solution for some employees bec. they can get it quick esp. if they applied it online. There’s no need to fall and wait line in banks bec. there are companies that are willing to lend money to the needy in the quickest time possible.. If you are qualified (you need to have a stable job) then you can actually loan from $100 up to $1,500 depending on your capability. Although you can get it fast and quick if you are capable and qualified but remember having loans is a big responsibility so we need to be responsible in paying it back

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jazz up any room with pillows

Pillows are one of the versatile items in the house. We use pillows mainly for sleeping but they are used for many other purposes. Pillows can be use as decorations in the living room; throw pillows are the most popular ones and I know that ever house have one. I always buy different colored throw pillows cases to suit the color theme that I wanted to have. I even bought sis some silk throw pillows that are made in Thailand and she loves it so much.

What I like about throw pillows is that they come in different shapes and sometimes the regular square shaped ones are boring already. I once bought a nice bone shaped pillow with matching case for my sister and that became a subject of conversation among her friends. Decorative pillows give spark and add beauty to any room. Don’t you just love hugging some nice pillows esp. if they are soft? A fairly new website that I found, a division of is making its way on the net bec. of the pillows they are offering. They are selling pillow forms like Feather Pillow Form
or Feather Pillow Insert with different types of fills too offering high quality US made. You can shop by either by fill or by diff. shapes from square, rectangle, bolster and more. So if you are looking for Insert Pillow and/or decorative pillows you can check them now.

Gotta have these

Holy cow, Christmas is just around the corner and gift giving is here again. Here are some gift ideas i can share to you all.

For those that hate carrying big bags this COACH BLEECKER SIGNATURE CAPACITY WRISTLET is a god idea. It's a carry on bag that you can put in your wrists. It costs $98.00

Calvin Klein Croco-Embossed Buckle Belt
It is a big buckle and textured and i think it will look great on any outfit.

Ray-Ban Shield Metal Taper Tip
All products available at

Shopping made easy

Have it crossed your minds that there will come a time that we no longer need to go out of our homes just to shop, buy our grocery, pay our bills and “window” shop because we can actually do it online? The Internet has evolved so much and it is actually making our lives a little bit easy especially for working moms or those with so hectic schedules. Shopping is just a click away from us now.

And sometimes have you ever thought how those online stores that you love actually made us shop conveniently at theirs stores? I know it is exciting how we put our chosen products on a shopping cart and make our way to check out. Online stores actually use shopping cart software that many companies are offering like AShop. This award winning software has actually made them popular among online store bec. of the easy customizable and easy set-up for store owners. It is web-based so you don’t need to be a techie to set it up, not only that they give full customer support while setting up your cart.

When I was still designing kits for an online digiscrapping store, I once dreamed of setting up my own lil’ store but things for me became busy so I set that aside for a while. Anyway I know if I will pursue that dream I’d choose AShop’s e-commerce tools for my store.

Personalized Photo Gifts

Christmas is just few weeks away and have you started thinking what to give to your loved ones? Isn’t it tiring sometimes to think what gifts to give every year for a particular person, we don’t want to end up recycling old gifts just to give something right?, lol! Last night I am actually making a list of all the people that I am giving gifts and I was kinda shocked to know that I have over 20 godchildren but I know not all of them can’t come to my house in Christmas.

Anyway, giving gifts should also be in style and I reckon the best gifts that we can ever receive are gifts that are truly coming from the heart. Personalized Gifts are one of the best ideas that I found online at Vision Bedding and I think this is really unique. There are many excellent ideas that I saw and take a look at this Photo Blanket that I saw and it is 40"x30" in size and they have even much bigger size than that.. We can have our loved one photo in there and what a perfect gift it will be.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Want more shopping money?

Oh yes, I know you want some huh esp. because Christmas is coming already next month. So you want to know where to get that extra money for your shopping? For those that don’t know Smorty yet, it’s your chance now to get paid for blogging about advertiser’s products or services. You need to have a blog first to get you started.

Simply sign up at Smorty, add your blog, the more blogs the better coz this means more money. After your blog is approved you’ll be given assignments in your dashboard and it’s up to you to accept it, write about the assignment and submit it. They will review your post and once approved you’ll be paid for it through your paypal account. Isn’t that great? I have few blogs on their system and I am getting opps from them, if you are interested try it out.

Friday, November 9, 2007 the new online shopping boutique

More people have been shopping online nowadays bec. it is convenient and practical. There are practically hundreds or thousands online store on the net and we have the option to choose what store we like and that gives good customer service and especially good products. If you are looking for fashion online store that caters to both women and men, is a new online shopping store that I believe is very promising. They have cool, sleek and trendy fashion clothes that will suit the demanding taste of their customers. There are wide varieties of brands where you can shop like Corpus, Dani, Diesel, >Nudie Jeans, Siwy, Vince and whole lot more.

Every brand caters a distinctive style and products like that of nudie
brand; they have nice Nudie Jeans for men with wide range of styles, they also have skinny nudie jeans for women. Aside from Nudie Jeans, seven for all mankind brand also have jeans and dress and when I browsed it, there are many styles that I really love, like the one on the photo. also have free shipping and easy returns, you can easily talk to a customer service through their live chat from M-F, 9-6 PT. They only handpicked the brands and clothes that they put in their unique collection.

Hunting and Hiking Boots

One of my wishes is to be able to go on hiking and hunting in the forest again. I reckon that embracing the nature once in a while is a good way to relax and have a good time. When I took my vacation in Sydney last year, my niece and I went down on the 3-sisters mountain tourist attraction in Blue Mountains but gosh I wasn’t prepared for the 1 hr. hiking bec. I don’t have the proper gear I only wore my rubber slippers which is a wrong thing to do. I wish I was wearing one of those that can help my feet through the trails.
I hope the next time I’ll be back there I will be equipped with the right shoes. Anyway, if you are looking for Hunting Boots and Hiking Boots, I happened to see at and saw some of boots for men that looks so durable and comfortable to use.
These boots are perfect to use esp. if you need sturdy footwear that you can use, it also helps prevent the risk of heavy object being dropped on the foot.You can see lots of designs also available in different brands like Converse, Bates, Dr. Marten Caterpillar and Wolverine just to name a few. You can also shop by style form 6" workboot, casual, motorcycle and more.

Fashionable Rain boots

When i first saw these cute rain boots on TV i said oh wow I never thought that rain boots can be fashionable too. Designers are really making them wearable so that even when it is raining we are in fashion , lol. There are lots of designs that i saw at and there are quite a lot of pretty ones for women and kids.

There are many other designs that you can choose from.

Like this one Kamik Women's Daisy Rain Boot at $49.95 available from 6M - 10M

Chooka Women's Rubber Ducky Boots

Thursday, November 8, 2007

It’s time to fix those rods

How many times I have said that actually and my b-day ( 8 more days wooho) and Christmas are already coming and the curtain in my room have not been fixed. Actually it was an improvised rod only that my mom asked our helper to put and I hate it everytime I try to replace my curtains. The curtains keeps on falling down due to misfit curtain rods, and what I did was to get extra rod to stick to it and golly it looks horrible.
Luckily while browsing the net I just found some cool curtain rods over at Wrought Iron Haven. They have over 1,300 items in their store and any customer will surely find what they are looking for their homes. They have iron chairs / stools, coat hungers, candle holders and wine racks just to name a few.
So you if need wrought iron stuff for your homes, you can browse I also found secret backdoor and that is the way to their great discounts or savings. Here’s how to find it, go to their main page and scroll a bit down and look for the words “Our Store now has over 1,300 home & garden items for you to choose from!” and click the comma in that line. Have fun shopping.

Anyway, I also planned on painting my whole room a cool green color to give it a make-over. I have so many plans in my room that I hope I can accomplish and I hate the clutter that has accumulated over the years. This holiday is the perfect time to do it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bayo Clothes Store

Another favorite local store of mine. Their image model is KC Concepcion and after she graduated in France she also got lots of modeling offers. They have a new update at their website and you can see some of the collections of BAYO at I love browsing their easy to use site where i can see their latests collections.

Do you want to shop or play online?

If you are going to ask me of course I want to shop, shop and shop till I drop. But for those that don’t love shopping and just prefer online gambling you’d find yourself looking for a reliable and secure gaming online. At Bet365 you have the ability to choose what games you’d like to play such as poker, Hi-Lo, Virtual Racing, Poker, pool and many more. There are many places where you can enjoy while browsing their site. Some of the services that they are offering are Sportsbook betting facility, where you can bet live to the sports like football, basketball, nascar races to name a few. It’s one stop gaming facility that gamers would love.

If you are a poker fan then there is a place for you at bet365 and every month they have an unbelievable $8,000,000 in prize money that is in their scheduled tournaments and that amount keeps getting higher each time. So if you want to try your luck you can check it out.

Juicy Tops

Just some of the juicy tops that i love at Juicy

Black with white stripes.
• Black trim.
• Scoop neckline; button placket.
• Short sleeves with banded cuffs.
• 50% pima cotton, 50% rayon.


Love this blouse so much!!

Silk Tuxedo Tunic:

Black with shadow stripes.
Banded collar with tuxedo tie detail;
button placket (see a closer view below).
Ruffled lace trim on front. Short puffed sleeves with lace cuffs. 100% silk. Imported.


This is great to partner with skinny jeans.

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