Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leopard Prints

Leopard prints are still going strong this year and in fact, I’m planning of buying another shoes, flats this this time. Walking for long hours while shopping is just to tiring so I really need a flat shoes like the one I saw online. My sis and I had been video teleconferencing and fashion is always one of our topics. She’s also been showing me the shopping loots that she had last weekend and I’m so envy of her but I told her that I’m going shopping soon..

Sheer blouses are also cool these days and it’s nice to pair it with skinny, jeggings or even this cute shorts that can be casual chic. This set goes well with a beige or black bag. Ahh.. I want this real bad! 

Quick Errands Style / Fashion

Quick Errands

Oh dear, I think I’ve spent about 2 hours already at polyvore.com trying to make fashion sets like this one above. Summer is coming so I’m drawn to sandals and sheer/thin blouses as it can be so hot and humid. I made this set for quick errands.

I just love the orange blouse, the bag from Mango and the necklace. I need to check Mango store if they still have that kind of bag. Last Christmas, I was about to buy it but had second thoughts. It is still bugging my head so I guess I have to buy it already before it’s gone for good. I still need to peruse about the business equipment leasing online but I got hooked at Polyvore. I just need to share this set and I’m off with some online works again. 

Is Short Hair for Me?


I've been meaning to have my hair cut short since late last year but was too afraid to do so. My hair is long and it extends over my shoulder and cutting it would mean a drastic change in my face and aura. I did have experience short hair in highschool days and have my long hair for over 25 years now. My  hair is also thick and coarse, so I’m afraid if the haircut will suit my hair this time. I just need more confidence to have my hair cut short. Here are some few hairstyles that I want and I will ask my hairdresser if that is possible on my hair and face.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cherokee Medical Uniforms


Gone are the days when you only get to see nurses and even doctors wearing their immaculate white medical uniforms. Times have changed and so the medical fashion too. The colors and even the patterns have become modern now, medical profession can choose what colors and designs that they can wear in their hospital duties.

Branded uniforms like Cherokee uniforms offers wide array of style and fabric to choose from that gives comfort and style to the wearer. Check them out at Marcus Uniforms.com.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sleep Tight with Comfort-U Body Pillow & Snoozer® Full Body Pillow

Sleeping for most of us is luxury and we always want to sleep or rest in neat and comfortable bed to ensure well sleep. Personally, I hate beds that are too hard or too soft for it's not very comfortable and it goes also with my pillows. I'm a pillow lady and would you believe I have 6 pillows in my bed and I love how they feel in my body and how they surround me. Makes me feel secure and very comfortable.

Though I have lots of pillows already, I thought of removing some and just replace it with a body pillow just like the images that you can see. I love hugging my pillows and these looks so soft and comfortable.  Here are Comfort-U Body Pillow & Snoozer® Full Body Pillow that I found whilst browsing online.

imageSnoozer® Full Body Pillow sale at $53.99. Get them at Dream Essentials

imageComfort-U Body Pillow sale at $99.95

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