Saturday, October 4, 2008

Health is Wealth

With all the China milk scare incident that we are facing today, we can’t hide the fact that there is really a concern about health and well being of people. It is sometimes alarming to hear about those kinds of problems where not only small group of people are affected. In this case many of the Asian countries are strictly banning milk and milk products that are coming from China, and that also includes some of the famous chocolates in the market today and that is a major concern.

Food safety is really important and that is why every health dept. of every nation is there to protect their citizens and there has been EcoQuest Intl advanced ionization research for food safety article that has done long time ago to somewhat learn how to combat certain pathogens that can cause disease to humans. If you also remember, there is also the foot and mouth disease that lead to some deaths. In this age we need to be careful on what we eat and we should also keep our environment clean.

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