Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Steal Blair Waldorf's Look

I know you love Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl so much that sometimes you wish you can look like here even just for a moment. Blair's fashion is classic yet sweet esp. when she wears her cute and big Blair Headbands.

This time know where you can find similar clothes that she wears here.

Bag- Fendi Cream Clutch Bag
Trench Coat -

Jersey Dress -

Shoes -

Green Headband -
Tano Jewelry

Acne Cures Revealed

Acne, one of the major problems every woman is facing. Not only women are affected but men as well. It is often times embarrassing to have zits on our face since the 1st thing that we look into people is the face. There are also people that no matter what they do and eat they will form big, reddish and with puss acne and that I believe is hormonal. A major treatment is needed for that and guided by their dermatologists.

There are many ways to combat these pesky acne aside from washing the face with water regularly and eating veggies and fruits but treatment creams or pills are also prescribed by some doctors. Here you can read top rated acne pills on the market today and fro your perusal. It's always safe to read labels and not always listening to someone's advice bec. treatment for 1 will not be ok for everyone.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Colorful Samsonite Luggage


Don't you just love these colorful luggage? The main advantage of buying and using luggage with colors is that you will immediately see your bag coming from the luggage carousel in the airport. I remember I have a hard time waiting for my black luggage and trying to figure out which one is mine bec. almost all travelers chose black.

These Samsonite Sahora Brights will definitely catch anyone's eye and of course making it easy for you to recognize it was yours even from afar. Price ranges from $360 and up and available in red, lime green or pink colors

Would you Consider a Fake Tan?

Many women with fair skin would love to have a brown or tan skin for a more exotic look. How many celebrities or common women have tried baking themselves under the sun just to achieve that which is so harmful. It has found out that the sun's UV rays can damage our skin that can lead to fatal skin cancer so sunbathing is not really recommended.

To eliminate the harmful effect of the sun, those that are really dying to have a tan can consider the "fake tan" done in the salons. Professionals used an
airbrush to spray a tanning or bronzing solution to your body which can for days or weeks. Just make sure your tan is even or you'll end up having a a two tone tan.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christian Louboutin's Signature Red Sole Shoes

I remember watching Oprah and she was wearing one of Christian Louboutin's shoes. Burgundy patent glitter Mary-Janes with an approximately 90mm / 3.5 stiletto heel. Description of the shoe: e an almond shaped toe, a button fastening strap across the arch and has signature red soles. Italian sizing.
Price : $670 – Where to Buy: Net-A-Porter Price $875.00
Where to buy: Saks Fifth Avenue

Christian Louboutin
Gattaca Loafer Pumps
# Loafer-inspired leather style turns tall and metallic. Self-covered heel, 4"
# Leather lining and sole
# Signature red leather sole
# Made in Italy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who Can Resist iMAc?

Ahhhhh I am drooling over this Apple iMAc desktop, wish I can afford to buy one of my own. Oh well, at least I had the chance to use one of this when i took a vacation in Australia this year. Sis JoyD have one and of course she allowed me to use it from time to time when she is not using it. I was actually overwhelmed the 1st time I used it being a Windows user bec. the screen was so big and the OS (leopard) and the settings are different from what I am accustomed. It has an enormous hard drive that is too big to hold on many videos, photos and other files, plus its graphics are crystal clear and has huge memory.

I also had the opportunity to use my nieces' MacBook, this is what I am using when I blog while I am there and just like the iMac i enjoyed using it for a period of time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thin May Not Always Be In

, I guess you have already noticed that majority of the models in runway, or print ads look sickening thin. They look like they have not been eating for ages or have drowned themselves by taking too many diet pills just to make them thin that will be perfect for modeling. I am just curious why do models need to be so skinny to carry designer clothes well? Models who are naturally not so thin would strive harder to slim down making them more unhealthy.

For me I'd still prefer models with a little curve and not too thin. Oh well, i guess the fashion industry tolerates models that looked like they are drugged. LOL.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2008 Collection

Monique Lhuillier, a Hollywood celebrity designer who is also a Filipina, once again proved herself that she can really beat other well known designers with her classy and fresh designs. She just recently had her successful Spring 2008 Collection at Fashion Week in New York. Ahh i wish I can afford to buy one of her creations as we are all proud of her.

Just in case you didn't know, Monique is the one who designed the wedding gown of Britney Spears to Kevin Federline , Christine Baumgartner's wedding dress to Kevin Costner in 2004, Natalie Imbruglia, Charlotte Ross, Debbie Matenopoulos and many more.

Here are some of her collections at the show.
Image source

Best Deals, Best Buys

As consumers we are always in search of good deals and best buy for everything that we purchase to get the most of what we paid for it. it is certainly not a good thing to buy a product bec. it is only cheap or bargain but we also need to consider it’s quality and durability.

Most of us are bargain hunters esp. us women, bec. shopping is always part of us. Don’t you agree girls? Anyway, I found another great online shopping site (buy.com) where we can find on sale items, clearance blowouts on many items like on clothing, electronics and lot more. Christmas is also coming and I reckon it’s never too early to plan get lots of gift ideas.

Online Payments

Isn’t it wonderful at what technology has given us? Shopping now has been easy and convenient for most of us since we need not go and dress up to go to our favorite shopping stores to buy any item. Online stores have been targeted by shopaholics and with just a click of mouse and putting items on our cart we can immediately pay for it. Payments can be made via credit card, debit cards or paypal and that depends on the store. Online stores should however see to it that they have flexible ways of payment like what authorize.net is offering so that their customers will not have any inconvenience. Imagine you wanted that shoes online only to find out that they don’t accept your credit card, ahhh what an inconvenience isn’t it?

Anyway, just keep in mind when you do you shopping online or offline, just buy the things that you really want and need so you will not end up over spending. Happy shopping!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Online Shopping Sites

Shopping online can be very advantageous, imagine you can shop almost any items or products without leaving the comforts of your homes. The hassle of long lines and traffic jam is minimized. There are many online shops that any shoppers or shopaholics can go to.

Just to name a few, here are some online stores, feel free to suggest some if you want.
1. Amazon.com
2. Shopping.com
3. nordstrom.com
4. macys.com
5. ebay.com
6. and lots more

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Disney World Tickets

Aside from shopping, going to themed parks are always the best way for family to enjoy and have bonding times. I remember when we were kids, my parents would take us to a carnival where we can freely play and eat what we like. Themed parks these days are much more enjoyable than what we have experienced many years ago. It is more colorful, interactive and more enjoyable for kids and adults as well.

One of the popular fun places to go is in Orlando where Disney Land is located. This delightful place has always been in the lists of vacationers (including me) and would you believe Disney world tickets
are selling fast especially when holidays are coming. It is one of the best place to go on Christmas Holidays so I suggest to reserve tickets early to avoid the rush and so that you can get a chance to get a great deal.

Impulse Buying

Oh yeah I know you are as guilty as I am..lol. I know there are once or quite few instances where you got o the shops/malls without an idea what to buy for that day and when you saw that beautiful red blouse on the window of your favorite shop there's this impulse i you that you gotta have it. You went inside the store, got on the rack, you fitted it and in a matter of seconds you are already in the cashier buying it using your cash or that plastic money that you have in your wallet. You went out of the store with the sweetest grin in your face and your feet directing you to go another store hoping to find another item to buy. Don't tell me this does not happen to you eh....

An example of my impulse buying is that I passed by the perfume store and the salesmen where showing off their perfumes and asking me to try on their product. It was a perfume sale at that time in galleria and gosh i should have not passed there because, i end up buying CK euphoria perfume in a flash when the saleman told me it was on sale. I never really intended to buy anything that time but oh well, i made that purchase. But i have no regrets in buying that bec. that perfumes smells like heaven.

Are you an impulse buyer???

What’s your weekend plans?

Gosh we are half way through the week again and time is flying rapidly and the next thing we know we are already shopping for some Christmas presents. Wow, that is too early for me to think that for now since I still need to work hard and save more so that I can buy my loved ones, friends and relatives gifts that they want. Anyway, I didn’t shop last week at the malls as expected because I met up with my highschool friends bec. of our coming silver reunion. We just ate at a nearby resto and oh boy we had a blast.

I don’t know but my shopping skills and mojo are kinda low these days (thank you!) at least my wallet is not empty hehehe. What about you, I guess most of you spent it with your loved ones or hmmm I can sense someone has spent a lot again shopping online. I know someone who is addicted to it hehe. I am guessing maybe next time she’ll be spending time reserving for Miami heat tickets that are selling like hotcakes online so she can experience other things aside from shopping.

Get this Set

You already know that weekly i have been trying to put a set here that i got from browsing at polyvore. I just love all the sets that people have been matching all together and this can serve as an inspiration to anyone who actually can't think of a style to wear each week when they go out for shopping or goin to office or whatever gimmick that they have. And this week i chose this girly carefree set from Chanel. Isn't this s fun style?

Las Vegas Shows

Where on earth can you find great shows? Nothing else but in Las Vegas, each year thousands of tourist flock in to this city to watch lAS VEGAS sHOWS to go shopping, go to the gaming clubs or just take a tour of this “city that never sleeps’. All those bright and blinking lights attract more tourists and locals and Las Vegas has many places and fun activities to offer. There will be no dull moments when you visit this place. There’s no wonder why my relatives and other celebrities spent most of their times there. if you enjoy comedy you can watch shows like that of David Spade, and if you fancy magic , the greatest magic show can tickle your fancy.

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