Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make Chic Fashion Statement by Wearing Cowgirl Boots


Who says that you can only wear cowgirl boots when you need to ride a horse? These days, cowgirl boots are chic fashion statement and can be worn any time on any occasion you prefer.

These kind of boots are becoming staple wardrobe in any women’s closet. They come in different colors and styles that will suit your style or need. Always try few pairs to see how it looks like on you. You can wear them with jeggings, jeans, shorts and even a summer dress and you’ll be fashionable enough.

Here are some celebrities that are wearing cowgirl boots.
imageMiley Cyrus
imageJessica Simpson
imageDaisy Fuentes

Friday, February 17, 2012

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf by Wendy

Here’s a great tutorial by Wendy on how to wear a scarf in 25 different ways. I only know a few so after watching this, I’ve learned more. I just so love Wendy and her blog plus her youtube channel. She’s been sharing fashion tips to all the fashionistas out there. Do check her YouTube channel and you’ll learn a lot.

Jazzing Up your Room with Dressing Tables


Every woman should have a dressing table inside her bedroom. This is where you put your makeup and other beauty essentials and the place you do your personal grooming. Nothing beats a dressing table that is elegant and that suits your personality.

These days, there are lots of dressing tables to choose from. You can check out the different styles, colors and wood finish of your vanity kit that can match with look and feel of your room. Always see to it that you measure the area where you’ll be putting the dresser before going to the shop so that it’ll perfectly fit the area.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tan is Beautiful !!??

Tan is beautiful that's why many Hollywood celebrities and even models are dying to look tan. We often see celebs with their fake tans and some look gorgeous while some look ridiculous. They should always look for the best airbrush tanning solution and good salon that can do it for them.

Despite the fact that celebrities are rich, they too can have fake tan disasters. Here are some pics of Lindsay and Paris Hilton.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Jazz Up your Bar with Boraam Bar Stools


If you own a bar as a business or at home, you’ll definitely need bar stools where your customers or your friends can sit comfortably. When buying a stool, you need to decide what type to you want or need for there are many type of stools. You can go for swivel type, wooden, adjustable and more. There are also different brands that offer various stools and you can get Boraam bar stools for your bar. Just choose among the various types, designs and height of stools that you need.

Brown and Leopard Animal Print Style

Brown and animal print

I’m so loving the neutral colors and animal print these days, so they are my inspiration in this set that I made in polyvore. I love the crisp white long sleeve shirt that can be folded into 3/4, the brown skinny jeans will be a perfect for the shirt.  I paired it with the leopard print flat shoes and the Chloe bag made me drool so much.

For accessories, I chose the attractive brown bracelets with different charms and a nice brown statement ring. A brown sunglasses is also a great addition not to mention the neutral shades of eyeshadow. Perfect! I love this look!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ceramic wedding bands for him

There seems to always be new metals popping up in the wedding bands market. In fact one of the newer metals is ceramic wedding bands. Unlike the name suggest these rings are virtually scratch resistant. Most of these ring are going to be black. They are a great replacement for black tungsten rings. Unlike black tungsten the color will never fade or scratch.

There are many different places you can buy these wedding bands. Wedding Bands Galleria offers a good selection of these ceramic rings. They also offer a lot of other types of metals. When choosing your wedding band always consider your allergies to metals and other type of factors that go into a good looking wedding band.

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