Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Security

When it comes to home security we don’t need to be complacent all the time. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to burglar-proof our house, our efforts seem futile because these crooks are also hi-tech already. It’s just sad to know and hear in the news about crimes committed by person who has nothing to do in life but to steal and hurt other people because they wanted money.

We need to check on our doors all the time if the locks are always working before we go out of the house and before we sleep. More houses and establishments are also putting up cctv cameras that can also help in solving any crime that might happen in the area.

I have always been conscious about our locks in our house for a number of robbers already have entered in our house in the past. It’s always a sad scenario every time we see our front and back doors wrecked because of forceful entries. We have no other option but to look for a locksmith to fix what has been left broken by the burglars. I’m praying that with the added steel fences and gates in the house, no more similar incident will happen in the future. Knowing someone has entered the house while we are away is so alarming and scary.

Tory Burch Leather Continental Zip Wallet

I've been searching for the perfect wallet for myself and I’m thinking that this Leather Continental zip wallet by Tory Burch looks awesome. I’ve been used to the 2-fold wallets and this time I wanted to own a zip wallet.

It got lots of card compartment and even coin slots. Looks pretty spacious and I know my bills will be organized. I have to see if my cousin in LA can get me this next year.

Saw this at Neiman Marcus and it costs $195 and available in black and tan. I’m loving the tan color since I already have lots of black ones.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Modern & Chic Real Fur Garments

When temperature drops and become freezing nothing beats the warmth that any real fur can give. Not only it can give the warmth and comfort that we all need during winter times, it can also provide elegance and style to anyone who wears them. Anybody can really look modern and chic during winter times especially if you wear fur garments. Aside from that, it’s one of the many alternative clothing during winter. 

At ML Furs, they provide all sorts of fur garments that anyone should have during winter times. With over 50 years in the fur business and one of the trusted furriers in Denver Colorado, they have been providing and offering furs of different kinds such as ML Furs, bolero, jackets, vests, parkas, stoles and capes. You winter clothing is not complete if you don’t have fur hats, carves, earmuff, gloves, etc. that they are also offering.

You’ll find wide array of fur garment collections in their online catalogue that no one can resist. Search their online store by category or by designer and I’m sure that you’ll find the products that will best suit your taste and budget. As one of the leading providers of quality real fur coats and accessories since 1951, there’s no doubt that their clients can get the best of furs there is. Do check out their sale section from time to time to score a good deal. In fact, their 2012-2013 New Collection is on sale with 25% off.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Shopping vol. 1

Only 34 more days and the most wonderful and joyous event in the world is here again. Christmas has always been so festive and fun. It's the time to be merry for we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Gift giving is something we all do.

I have started my Christmas shopping already since last week and I am so excited to shop for gifts. I am not yet done though, still a long way to go for I have yet to find more gifts especially to my brothers and uncle. I'm thinking of getting the web to print software comparison software for my uncle who has a business, headphone for my nephew and I guess leather jewelry box for my aunt.

My list is getting filled already but I still need more funds hehe.. Not to worry about that anyway. Can't wait for my shopping day once again and I hope early December I'm done already so I can wrap all of them and put them under our Christmas tree.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Make Cupcake Onesies Gift

I've been seeing a lot of these cupcake like gifts at the mall and I thought that they are so cute as gifts to babies. Thankfully, I saw this simple infographic instructions at Pinterest so that I won;t buy this at the mall anymore for I can really do this on my own.

I just need some gifts, some material and my creativity and I can make a nice to give for occasion.

Tourmaster Transition Motorcycle Jackets and Competition Accesories

If you are into racing and other sports related hobby or work, it's always best to wear appropriate gears for your safety. Accidents can really happen anywhere especially in racing or competition so wearing protective jackets, helmets, gloves and other competition accessories can greatly help in your protection. Check out the various Tourmaster Transition quality products that you can use in your competitions. Don't settle for anything less, choose products that not only can protect you but are also durable.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Free Make Up Bags with 14 Samples from Sephora

The holiday is fast approaching and are you already making your list and slowly buying all the gifts for your friends and relatives? I have been doing my own shopping already for I hate Christmas rush.

Here's the perfect time to shop at for you can get these free make up bags if you made a $25 purchase. This is only available online. Use the code: LITTLELUX

Each Bag makeup contains these goodies! 14 samples of perfume, cleanser and more.

Friday, November 2, 2012

PSY - Gangnam Style USB Drive

After browsing for san switches from, here's another good find that I can't resist to share. It's also a great gift to give this Christmas. PSY - Gangnam Style USB Drive can store your precious files with style - Gangnam Style that is! Psy became a worldwide sensation when his hit song Gangnam Style and his famous dance became a hit on YouTube. I myself can't also resist to dance when I hear his song.

Here's PSY - Gangnam Style USB Drive, isn't this cute? Check them out at Price=$17.00

Pop Rapper PSY designed USB flash drive.
High-Speed USB 2.0 certified.
Durable silicone casing.
Hot Plug and Play; Functions like another hard drive.
No driver needed for most operating systems.
Support Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac.
Dimension: 62.5 x 26.5 x 13mm (approx.)
Weight: 15g

Mariah Carey’s OPI Nail Polish Collection

Mariah Carey and OPI Nail Polish have collaborated and  had come up with Mariah Carey’s OPI Nail Polish Collection that is ready to hit the racks and the salons in January 2013. OPI + Mariah -= Glamour and Sparkle.

I always love my nails to be done once in a while and when I heard about OPI and Mariah's collab, I think I want to try those sparkling nail polish for a change.

Here are the 8 shades that everyone that loves nail polish can go crazy: glittery shades and liquid sand matte textured lacquer.

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