Friday, July 31, 2009

Seattle Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents happen the least we expect them so no matter how extra cautious we are, we still never if we are safe. I have seen a lot of accidents on the road and anywhere just by tuning in to the news and how sad it is to know about the victims. There are times the victims never got the justice that they deserve so bringing the case to court is a good way. There are good personal injury lawyers that can help anyone. If you are in Seattle, then this Seattle personal injury attorneys can certainly stand in court for you to claim what is just and lawful.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Watch Star Cinema's AND I LOVE YOU SO MovieTrailer

Here's the AND I LOVE YOU SO Trailer, 16th Anniversary special presentation of Star Cinema
Starring Sam Milby, Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsay, Nikki Gil
Directed by: Laurenti Dyogi
Written by: Vanessa Valdez
Showing: August 12, 2009

Get ready to fall in love once again!

Survivor Philippines Season 2 : Aug. 2009

It's coming! Survivor Philippines Season 2 will be shown on GMA 7 on August 17, 2009. Contestants will be fighting and surviving in the Island of Palau and winners will take home a big amount of P3M pesos, the biggest prize ever.

Here's a short teaser: Hmm looks like model looking / and or macho guys are here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

(Jonas Brothers) Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle Have Split

Rumors are spreading that Joe Jonas 19, and Camilla Belle, 22 have split already and it is TRUE. The couple splits and they said that there is no third party involved and they still deeply care about. Oh well it's ok they are still young anyway.

So girls.. rejoice Joe Jonas is single once again!!

Dress Up Like Victoria Beckham, Steal Victoria Beckham's Style fashion

Dress Up Like Victoria Beckham, Steal Victoria Beckham's Style fashion. Victoria Beckham is always been fashionable. Love the way she dresses up formal or even casual. She exudes elegance and sophistication. Love Her Hermes Birkin Bags!!!

victoria beckham.

Watch Marie Digby Live in Concert Manila Aug. 1, 2009

You Tube sensation and American Songwriter Marie Digby will have a Live Concert in Manila August 1, 2009 (Saturday) at the NBC Tent.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Upcoming Shows/Concerts of Charice Pempengco in the US 2009

Charice Pempengco's been busy lately with all the shows that she's been doing. If Michael Jackson did not die then for sure she's been busy rehearsing for that as well bec. she was supposed to appear at Michael Jackson This is It Concert. Anyway here are the Upcoming Shows/Concerts of Charice Pempengco in the US 2009 as part of the David Foster & Friends Tour!

~September 18, 2009 - Comcast Arena Stage - West Springfield, Massachussets
~October 21, 2009 - Rosemont Theater - Chicago, IL
~October 23, 2009 - Wamu Theather - New York, NY
~October 24, 2009 - Prudential Center-Newark, New Jersey
~October 25, 2009 - Aganis Arena, Boston
~October 28, 2009 - Fox Theater- Atlanta, Georgia
~October 39, 2009 -Blue Line Theater - Tampa, Florida
~November 1, 2009- Hard Rock Live - Hollywood, Florida
~November 5, 2009- Gibson Amphitheater -Los Angeles, California
~November 6, 2009- HP Pavillion at Gibson- San Jose, California
~November 8, 2009- General Motors Place- Vancouver, British Columbia

Let's Party !!

Are you ready to party in few more months? Christmas will be coming and all of us will be busy once again. Aside from the usual Christmas shopping that we’ve been doing, Christmas parties are always fun to attend and in fact most of us are hosting one each year. Go ahead and plan it as soon as you can, just don’t forget to order your Christmas Party Invitations at

They have tons of special and unique Photo Christmas Invitations
that you can choose from and you can even modify them if you are not satisfied. Christmas Party Photo Invites can be personalized, you can have your photo or any logo printed in it thus making your invites more special. If you are too picky and can’t find any design that you like, you can ask Invitations Shoppe to do a special Invitations Christmas just for you. To top it all they offer free shipping.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Jitters

Are you tying the knot soon? Preparations may seem daunting and tiring but when you plan things ahead, I reckon you’ll not have a hard time. Just make sure to order wedding invitations much earlier so you’ll have ample time to give your invites to your guests and they can properly schedule the date.

Have your wedding dress made early as well, you don't want to end up stressing at the day of your wedding because it doesn't arrived yet.. LOL. I know someone who is already in tears because her gown is still been made at the last minute. Wow that is stressful! I know, no occasion is perfect but getting organized is the best way. I just love attending weddings and see the love in couple’s eyes.

Steal Jessica Alba's Look / Wardrobe

Purple must be the in color for this year. I have seen lots of people including celebrities like Jessica Alba here. Jessica is wearing a purple dress here for a girly look and she toughens it up a bit with the leather jacket. Look great too. You can steal Jessica Alba's Look or Wardrobe by getting items below

Orange, New Jersey Cosmetic Dentist

Ahhh I’ve been meaning to go to my dentist but my busy schedule would not let me do it. I need some cleaning and laser tooth filling. I guess I really need to put it on one of my top priority since taking care of our teeth is a must because we all know it gives us confidence to smile more. BTW, if you are looking for a General and Cosmetic Dentistry, there’s an Orange New Jersey cosmetic dentist at Yogi Dental Clinic in NJ area. Make an appointment today.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Personalized Halloween Invitations

Halloween is just around the corner and just one of the fun ways for kids and adults alike is to hold a Halloween party. It is not complete if you don’t have Invitations Halloween to send out to your friends and relatives. You can find lots of unique and exclusive designs of from Invitations Shoppe. You can also ask for a special design of your own, add photo or even a logo that you want. Plus they have free shipping on Halloween Invitation. You can modify your Party Halloween Invitations at no extra cost. Check out for all your Halloween Invitations needs.

Lady Gaga Concert In Manila 2009

Image Hosted by
I am sure Filipinos will go gaga over Lady Gaga. Her concert entitled: Lady Gaga Concert In Manila will be on August 11, 2209 at the Araneta Coliseum so be sure to get your tickets now. Just in case you didn't know Lady Gaga popularized the songs Poker Face, Just Dance and many more. I've been hearing it over and over on the radio and a noon time show.

Tickets are available at Ticket Net :911-5555 Ticket prices:

VIP - 7,875 pesos
Patron Standing - 5,775
Patron (Reserved Seating) - 5,775
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) - 3,675
Upper Box A - 2,625
Upper Box B - 1,050
General Admission - 525

You can also look for Las Vegas Shows Tickets.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hollywood Celebs Getting Thinner?

I finished viewing pics of Hollywood celebrities caught wearing swimsuits when they are on vacay and posted some of the pictures and I was just in admiration on how they have managed to keep their bodies in that shape. I love the body of Kim Kardashian, she looks so fit and not skinny. I once read in her blog that she goes to the gym but I am not sure if other celebs take weight loss supplements to keep heir excess weight.There are celebs who are way too skinny that they look like skeletons already lol. I guess it’s really hard to be a celebrity since all eyes are on them all the time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Michael Jackson's Unreleased Song " A Place With No Name"

Oh wow, I was browsing You Tube and found this Michael Jackson's Unreleased Song " A Place With No Name" and I recognized the song instantly. It was like the Horse With No Name of America. I researched and found out that it was indeed Michael Jackson's rendition of the song. Ahhhh he sung it so beautifully, wish it was released.. Oh well..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Surplus Goodies

My friend and I are actually loving online shopping these days and to tell you the truth they have purchased quite a lot bot just for their kids and husbands but for them selves as well. Thanks to our online friends who are in the US who keeps on showing us stuff to be purchased hehe. How can we resist shopping especially if we can get the item at a discounted price much lower than the regular price in the malls? It’s a good steal for all of us.

Just now I saw some surplus goodies online and I have to share this to them for I know they’ll be feasting with the products from clothing, electronics and more. How’d I wish I have lots of saving so that I can easily shell out some money in a swift. Just the case I’m still going to browse the items and who knows I might put some on my shopping cart. C’mon let’ shop.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Know Which Night Cream Works For You

We already know that to have beautiful skin we need to keep our skin hydrated by drinking not just 8 but the most ideal is about 12 glasses of water each day. We also need to eat veggies and fruits to make us even healthier. Exercise also play a good part in our lives since it will boost our energy and keep us fit.

Not all of us may drink or eat the ideal foods ( I am guilty sometimes). There are many factors that can make our skin dry and age fast. Stress, the sun and staying up late contributes to that. Experts say that using a night cream can rejuvenate our skin while we are sleeping. There are many creams in the market right now but there are many night creams review site that can help you what will work for you.

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