Saturday, September 28, 2013

In Style: Stacked Look

I have always love oversized watches eventhough I only have small wrist. It makes a beautiful statement apart from giving me the time easily.

This stacked look consists of silver Michael Kors watch, silver chained bracelets (one with stones) to complete the look. Just love this!

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

Thinking about Investing in a Badger Hair Brush?

A badger hair brush absorbs water, perfectly applies shaving cream or soap, lathers well, and leaves your facial hair and skin prepared for a clean, close shave. It is worth the investment to get one for every man’s shaving toolkit and can transform your morning routine into a relaxing experience.

 When shopping for a new brush, choose the finest grades of hair, which includes any of the following badger hair grades:
  • Pure badger 
  • Best badger 
  • Super badger 
  • Silvertip badger 
  • Special grades 

Pure badger is usually of medium length, while super badger has the longest and softest hair. You may want to visit a shaving store to feel various brush options so that you can more easily determine which grade of hair you like best.

Choose a Quality Brush

High-quality brushes can be expensive, but are usually well worth the investment. Cheaper, plastic brush handles can peel after repeated use or washing, so they won't offer the same value as a quality brush. It is normal to see some shedding, but if you find that your brush is shedding significantly within the first year, then it most likely won't provide the results that you are looking for.

Caring for It

Regularly clean your brush with water and a mild soap. Borax can also be used for an intense cleaning. Allow the brush to hang upside down to dry. If you leave it right-side up while it is wet, the water can drip into the handle and begin affecting the glue. This will cause the hairs to fall out faster and can lead to a number of other problems with your new brush.

Ask an Expert

Ask your barber or an expert at your local shaving store about what they recommend for your skin and facial hair type. There may be specific shaving products and brushes that can help to enhance your daily shave.

Once you have made the investment in a quality badger hair brush, it is important to properly care for it going forward. Consider investing in a holder or stand that will keep your brush hanging upside down whenever it is not in use.With good care, a brush can last 10-15 years.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Outdoor Canvas Art

Not only the inside of house needs some nice touch whether it be a furniture or painting. Our garden or our backyard is considered as an extension of our house for there are also many family activities that we can do there. Apart from that, it's a great place also to entertain our friends and relatives for a weekend lunch or any occasion.

Our yard also needs some touch of glamor by putting an outdoor canvas art. These are made of durable materials that can withstand different weather conditions that can last for many years. These art paintings can be installed at the patio, pool area, and anywhere you desire in your yard.

Here are some beautiful photos printed on a canvas.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maul Regular and Boring with a Workaholics Bear Coat

Everyone needs a little time to wind down and relax at the end of a hard day’s work. Many people choose to watch TV shows to ease their mind and forget about their worries. Stress can really derange a good night’s sleep, so it is important to relax before bed. This type of tradition has been going on since man began telling stories around a campfire. The art of storytelling has evolved to what it is today.

Many people choose to watch shows that are funny before bedtime so that they can have a good laugh and go to bed happy. Face it, that guy Blake from “Workaholics” is really funny. You’ll get tired from uncontrollably laughing after watching any episode and that is “fur sure”. TV shows can give you great ideas on how to dress up for your next wild party or Halloween bash. Showing up to a party wearing a Workaholics bear coat could be the best idea you’ve never had.

Next Level Wardrobe and Fashion
Your spirit journey with your power animal doesn’t have to stop at parties and Halloween. You can wear the bear every day. Imagine how awesome your co-workers will know you are when you show up to work with full-on claws. Taking your outer layer of clothing to the next level will not only impress friends and family. It will make you look sweeter than honey. No person, male or female, can resist the animal attraction. Carry a jar of honey around with you in your pocket for the full effect.

Have Fun and Let Your Wild Side Out
One thing is for certain. Life is short and having fun is awesome. People spend too much time worrying about the future or regretting the past. Animals don’t care about anything but the present. They’re all about getting their shelter, eating, and reproduction. Many people could do well to remember a bit of their animalistic nature. Take your stand against lame and boring right now. Don’t give another second of your life to the negativity that is not having a Workaholics bear coat.

4 Ways to Style Boyfriend Jeans

Apart from skinny jeans, I love boyfriend jeans cut. In fact, I have bought another pair of jeans few weeks ago that is on sale. The hem is just too long for me but I managed to just fold it just like the one in the image above and paired it with a nice wedge.

I love wearing boyfriend jeans for quick errands and meet up with my friends. Nothing formal but not too dowdy.

I love how this jeans is paired with a blazer as it makes the whole look casual but sophisticated which I love the most.

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