Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My to do List

I have many things to accomplish this week and next week and I hope I can do all of them. here's my list:
  1. Mail the pasalubong that I have for Zanne this week sana hehe (sorry Zanne)
  2. Have my over 1,000 digi photos printed from my recent trip to Sydney
  3. Get my EON card at Union Bank next week
  4. Canvas prices of Canon 50mm f1.8 and EFS 28-105mm lenses
  5. Upgrade my HP desktop memory from 2.5 MB to 3GB
  6. Visit my dentist for my regular teeth cleaning
  7. Go to the salon for a hair spa, my hair is already dry bec. we have been on the beach and sun all the time when I was in Australia
I know you have your To Do List too, so I wanted to know them. I think this is fun so I am starting this tag. Have fun !!!. Let me know if you are done already, ok.?

Monday, April 28, 2008

My new printer

Are printers really disposable these days? I asked that question because my last printer that I purchased 8 months ago an HP D2460 is already jamming papers frequently and that is soooooo annoying! Most of the printers are light weight now and not for heavy duty printings unlike my Hp deskjet that i used for almost 7 or 8 years eventhough I used refill cartridges on it.

The salesman at Greenhills told me that printers are disposable now a days ever since people used refill inks for their printers (i'm one of those Can't blame me I save a lot by doing this. I purchased a new printer HP 910 (i love HP products) yesterday in Greenhills and I will NOT use refill the cartridges anymore on this one. I hope this will last for a longer time.

What about you are you using refill cartridges or inks for your printers?

Image Hosted by
My new printer HP D910 bought this for Php 4,950 or about US$ 115

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Can you shop till you drop?

Hmm that would be an awesome experience if i will be given lotsa lotsa money to spend for a day. Shopping woman's favorite thing to do, am i right? I once experience goin to the mall in the morning and going home at night already bec. I have been shopping and shopping at the malls, not just one mall but about 3 .. can you do that?

Actually major malls have a midnight sale during that time and there were 50-70% discounts on their items. How can you not be tempted to go shopping when there is a sale like that. I went home with bags full on my hands and when I get home I just throw my shoes off and there was I

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last shopping day

It's my last week here in OZ land and my sis and I went shopping for the last time at Mac Arthur square. We are actually looking for leather walking shoes of mom but it is really hard to find what she wanted. Anyway we still bought her a black one that is still soft to wear.

Sis JOY also bought nice winter clothes for her kids since some shops has discounts. I told her kids were spoiled but they deserve it anyway. The kids old clothes and toys will be sent to the Philippines anyway so that my other nephews and cousin's children can still use it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Practice , practice, practice

That is what they keep on saying to me with regards to digital photography. I have just started liking this new hobby of mine last year eversince i got my point and shoot camera from my uncle who gave it as a gift. I like the thought of taking pictures lots of them actually and see them over adn over again.

When i was still in highschool and college i love taking photos using film camera and now i have upgraded my self and bought myself a new canon rebel xti that i never thought I will have. It's kidna expensive but to think that i will not buy any film anymore makes it a good buy.

i am practicing shots, trying different angles and compositions. My bro is a photo hobbyists too so he can teach me anytime, Right now i need to learn more.

New from Nikon: Nikon D60

Nikon's new DSLR model is already out in the market and it's NIKON D60. I already own Canon rebel Xti and I just wish I also have one a Nikon one.

Here's the specs of Nikon D60 with 18-55 mm VR (vibration reduction)
~ 10.2 million effective pixels
~image sensor cleaning system*
~ Airflow control system ...etc etc...

You can see more review notes at

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A New DSLR for me?

I have been taking a lot of photos lately and trying to make artistic shots and all but frankly, i am not satisfied with them. I am using a Canon 400d DSLR but some of my pics (esp. in low lights) don't come out sharp as I wanted it to be. I know I can sharpen it up at Photoshop but I am just curious if I can get a photo so sharp w/o manipulating it on Photoshop.

I also reckon that it has something to do with my lens, I am currently using my kit lens which is only 18-55mm but in fairness, i got some good shots using it though. I guess i need new good lens perhaps a fix 50mm lens with wide aperture or maybe a telephoto one?

Gosh, I am just reading reviews of the new Canon 450d and the Nikon d60 and it makes me want to upgrade immediately. I am still holding on I can still wait next Christmas..

Friday, April 4, 2008

Practicing Photography

I went out this morning for a walk i the park eventhough it was gloomy bec. it rained last night. I carried my DSLR hoping to take pictures of anything i see. Indeed there are lots of things to photography there like the birds/ducks swimming in the lake.The flowers are also amazing to take. I was amazed by the little bee in a grass so i came up close to it and took some photos.

Many people are walking everyday in the park and while they are doing so, I was so engaged in practicing my photography.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tons of photos

I am enjoying taking lots of pictures lately with the use of my Canon rebel Xti. My nieces and nephew serves as my model while still learning the other functionalities of my new camera. I just got this last November as my bday gift to myself and I am loving it. But oh sometimes they hide from me when they saw me carrying my DSLR haha

Online Ticketing

I was talking to my customer this morning after he rents one of our computers here at my net cafe and he asked me to print his e-ticket. I asked him where did he get his ticket and he told me online. He said that it is very convenient to purchase his tickets bec. he can choose and compare prices at different online ticket sellers. Aside from that he said that he can quickly go inside the airport w/o much hassle of long lines.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boxes are on the way

Sis and I finally finished filling the 2 boxes that we will be sending back home in Pinas. Sis got some old stuff too here that she doesn't need anymore but will be in use by my family in the Phils. so we put them in the box. There are also new toys, clothes and bottled spreads(peanut butter, hazelnut spread etc-) for everyone to enjoy.

Actually we packed them a bit late now and for sure it will take about 3 weeks of sea cargo shipping before it will arrive. I will be coming home soon in about 2 weeks time and I know my family back home wanted to see me now and of course all of my pasalubongs that my sis generously bought for them.

So for my family in Pinas watch out for me and the boxes hehe!!

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