Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Online Advertisement

Comment: These days everyone’s online, therefore business owners see online advertising a good place to promote their products and services to reach out to more clients and future customers. An opportunity to showcase what their company has to offer w/o even having a great know-how on online marketing bec. simply.com is there to assist them. Anyway,thanks for the review of the site.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beach Dresses at Victoria's Secret

It's summer already and actually there are many who are going to the beach for a swim and for a break from work. Here are some colorful and fun beach dresses from Victoria's Secret. I love this red dress as it looks so comfy and looks sexy. They are actually on sale at www.victoriassecret.com right now.
Victoria's Secret models did a good job in modeling the clothes, they all look sexy and I bet if you want to look sexy like them a trip to http://www.dietpillcomparison.net can also help.Anyway, there are also many summer dresses on SALE at VS online store.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ang PINAKA: Memorable International Events in the Phils.

Today's list at ANG PINAKA show at QTV 11 is about Ang PINAKA: Memorable International Events in the Phils.

10. 1981 SEA (South East Asian) Games
9. 1994 Ms. Universe Pageant - held May 20, 1994 where Ms. India- Sushmita Sen won
8. 1996 Michael Jackson Concert- Dec. 1996
7. 1996 APEC Summit
6. 1974 Ms. Universe- July 1974 1st Ms. Universe held in the Phils. at PICC
5. 1995 World Youth Day - visit of Pope John Paul II - Jan. 10-15, 1995 where 5 million people from all over the world came to attend mass at Luneta
4. 1981 Pope John Paul II Visit
3. 1975 Thrilla in Manila - Boxing Fight of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier
2. 1982 Manila International Film Festival
1. 1966 Beatles Concert

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bebe's Pleat Folded Corset and Silk Scarf

Silk Paisley Print Scarf $49
Pleat Folded Corset $59

I can't help but to browse and do some online window shopping for you all. Found these nice tops from Bebe http://www.bebe.com and don''t forget to include these on your fashionista's list these coming summer. The paisley print scrap is perfect to wear at the beach while the off shoulder folded corset can be used in parties. Just add a simple accessory and you're on the go.

Just don't forget to be confident when you wear them. Just in case you're not quite not at ease in wearing them bec. of persisting acne on your back then you can click here for some solution.

Victoria's Secret Summer Hot Tops

Oh dear it's a Hot, hot, Summer over here on our side and eventhough the sun is burning our skin, it will not hinder many people from going out and have some fun. The school is also over so most of the families are out of town.
Sale is going on again at Victoria;s Secret and here are Victoria's Secret Summer Hot Tops that you can pick at their online store. The models are just so perfect and I don't think they need any weight loss products to model all the sexy tops at Victoria's Secret. Bare some skin this summer and flaunt.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not for Puffin'

My brother and my BIL are certified smokers and we all hate them for they don;t listen us to stop. My older brother stopped for few months but sad to say he got back on his habit while my BIl stopped for a year and he is doing good not until her mother died she got back into smoking again.

They said it's hard to stop it but I know they can do it again. I remember last time I went to Australia I was asked by my BIL to by him local cigars that I can give him as as gift. I had a hard time looking for the specific brand that he wants so I gave other brand. He did not smoke it but just had it as a souvenir hehe.

Twin Bunk Beds

Comment: This reminds me of my childhood because when we were growing up, we have a twin bunk bed where my youngest sister and I use to sleep and of course play around. We stuff our beds with toys and spend most of the times there.

We don’t have enough space in the room so my parents decided to use a bunk bed. I reckon this is a perfect bed for growing up kids and one thing that we need to look into is if it is durable and safe. Just saw the picture of the twin bunk bed here and it’s not like ours, I think this is more sturdy and safer for kids to climb.

Des Moines Chiropractic

We all know that being under the weather is really hard. Even when we don’t want to get sick, chances are our bodies will really diminish its performance and well-being over time so we need to be careful. As much as possible eating healthy and getting good exercise, even if it’s not daily, are proven to be beneficial to all of us. Our bodies needs to rest, relax and get an ample supply of good and nutritious foods so that every muscle, cell and ligament can perform well.

It’s so amazing to know that some organs of our bodies eliminate dead cells and produce new ones all the time. Our bodies are composed of complex systems and each has different roles and if we flash back to our Anatomy class, we will see that our nervous system is so important and precious for it regulates every cell, tissue, organ and system in our body.

For those that have been experiencing severe back pain, headaches and more and have also been looking for some form of treatment aside from going to their medical doctor, a course of chiropractic can be considered. Some may seek the help of chiropractic Des Moines for their joint problems. Nothing is really bad about it as long as chiropractic doctors are certified and experienced as Dr. Hassel is for sure.

If you are experiencing back pain, headaches, wrist problems, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and you can always seek the help of a chiropractor Des Moines if you are in the area. They can help you with your pain problems as chiropractic treatment involves the alignment of mis-aligned joints/nerves or interventions for the spine. A Des Moines chiropractor is ready to help you get pain free and enjoy the strength and wellness of your body.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pool Lounging Fashion

Summer is the perfect time to show off some skin at the pool or at the beach. Here's a pool lounging fashion that you can get away this summer. I know you've been so eager to show your figure and be admired by guys.

For those that have less than perfect figure, some might be using diet routines with conjugated linoleic acid just to have some curves but for some they don't mind if their bulges are showing off, they are still confident.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Shopping on My Mind

I urge looking and bidding for Coach bags on e-bay finally ceased. Thanks to that! I once hooked there last January to February and there's no day that I will not look and browse all the Coach bags being auctioned there. I once bought a Coach and Fossil bags there and I think that is enough for this year.

I dunno but shopping is so tempting especially on the Black Friday deals where lots of items are being sold at up to 70% off. I'll be waiting again for this year and I don't know what I want this time.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hinkley Lighting

It's always nice to incorporate lighting in our homes as it sets some moods depending on the lighting that you use. Putting a soft lighting in the bedroom can set someone into dream land and it exudes calmness, restfulness and intimacy. Bring out the bright lights and you'll be alive and kickin'.

Mom went to a nearby home depot yesterday to buy a faucet replacement and I saw some lighting fixtures and wished it was Hinkley lighting that I once saw online bec. I love their chandeliers.

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