Monday, March 25, 2013

Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

We’ve all looked back at past photos and thought what was I thinking? Why didn’t someone tell me? This article is here to help you from making any more fashion mistakes. It lists some of this easiest fashion pas to make but also avoid.

The perfect fit
There is nothing worse than seeing someone wearing clothing that is obviously too small or too large. It is obvious because they don’t look comfortable, sizing can make or break an outfit. We’ve all seen that person wearing a button-down shirt with gaping holes and the buttons hanging on for dear life to keep the shirt closed. It’s not a nice look. Your clothes should fit you. Perhaps for a particular brand you may need to go a size up, do it! This doesn’t mean that you are putting on weight. Don’t lie to yourself; get the size that is the best fit. No one sees the number on the tag when you are wearing it. If the item is too big it can look very unprofessional. You’ll end up looking like you are getting swallowed whole.

Keep it professional

Your work outfits should be work appropriate. You want to come across as you most sophisticated and professional self; you can’t do that in fish net tights or a sheer blouse. Please don’t confuse weekend with weekday outfits. Just keep in simple, sticking with the classics. It doesn’t have to be boring, mix it up colour and prints. You should avoid overly flashy fabrics and patterns with sparkles and sequins, sheer tops and skirts, and short hemlines. When it comes to footwear be sensible, you’ll be wearing them all day. Go for comfort every time.

Hide and seek

Visible underwear and bra lines can be embarrassing for not only person wearing them but for the people seeing them. We don’t want to see them, hence them being worn under clothing. This effect can make your outfit look cheap and lazy; it could have been a fantastic outfit. The only thing people will be able to look at though are those lines, they are just too hard to ignore.

Too much

Accessory overload is very hard for the eyes to handle. Coco Chanel advised that you should look in the mirror before you leave the house and remove one item. Simple is sophisticated and mature. You should choose one key piece to show off and compliment it with other small pieces. You don’t want something else stealing the show. Less is more. When it comes to new season trends it can be difficult to achieve the look correctly. A lot more shops are starting to challenge this by including look books, for example These show you how exactly to pull off the trend and show you what new clothing items you’ll need for the season. Don’t be a fashion victim, take the time to think about you’re wearing.

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