Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reasons why you need to Consider Private Domain Registration

A lot of us are enjoying the perks of having our own domain or website. It can either be a personal website where you can post all your life’s experiences, journeys or whatever you feel like sharing. It can also be a business website where you can showcase your products or services in such a way your clients can know more about your company and all the things that you are offering.

Making a website is easier now, if you don’t have technical or website knowledge, you can always hire services of professionals to do the job and in no time your website will be up and running. However, don’t you know that each time your website is published, your name, address and other information can be displayed in the WhoIs files? Your privacy is very vulnerable because it is public.

If you don’t want your domain to be exposed to public’s prying eyes and worst to hackers and other crooks, making your domain private is the way to go. Doing so can spare you from annoying spam mails and other nasty net tactics.

At, you can make your domain private with their private domain registration package for your privacy is really important.

Having your domain private will
1.    Spare you from annoying e-mail spams
2.    Protect you from tele-marketers and even data miners
3.    Trim down the probability of the frightening identity theft
4.   Your name, home address, phone number and email address can be protected and out from public’s eye

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