Saturday, March 16, 2013

Air-conditioning Services in Hamilton

Summer is definitely coming very very soon here in our part of the world. Our weather bureau has not announced yet that is it officially summer but with the high temperature and humidity that we are experiencing now, summer is here already, at least for me. Temperature ranges from 30- 34.4C, which is the highest in the metro and there’s no doubt that it will rise at up to 36 or maybe 37 once summer is in full swing.

Just the other day, the heat and humidity are unbearable already so I have no choice but to open the aircon for an hour just to keep us cool for a bit. Thank goodness, it helps us cool for a while.  I’m pretty sure that in the coming days, our air-conditioning unit will be open most of the times in our store.

I have yet to check the aircon in the other room if it is still working. It has not been used for a while since it was just lately when it became so hot. I hope it will work or else I have no option but to call a technician.

Before summer arrives, every house hold with airconditioning units should check their units if they are still working. Call air conditioning services hamilton  for check up. Dusts and other debris can accumulate inside the unit when they are not also used for a long time. Have the professionals check your units to ensure that they will be working when you want it to use already.

Just in case you need aircon repair, air conditioning repair hamilton also has other repair services and that includes duct cleaning, furnace/ac cleaning, and more.

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