Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shop and Garage Equipment Source

My brother is the only guy in our house so he has no other option but to be the handy man all the time though my mom can fix some things as well. A helper also can come when we need him when tasks need some help. I remember it was last year when we had a major house re-painting and major clean up.

Not only it was the time to fix some areas in the house but we had the chance to really sort some things out by separating things that we can still use in the house and things that we can throw or give to other people. It took more or less 2 weeks to finish our house renovation of sort and even though it was messy, the outcome was great. Not sure when are we going to do that once again.

Anyway, we are thankful that we had quite a few tools that are readily available during our house renovation. Dad was a construction engineer so he was able to buy some tools and gadgets like welding machine, drillers, even scaffolding before he passed away. Having those tools, my brother can use them on whatever garage projects that he has. We don’t need too borrow or buy anymore because of that.

I guess every household needs to have tools that they can use. If you need to buy construction tools for your shop or your house, checking out Mile-X online can greatly help for they have wide range of equipments with different manufacturers like Ammco, baldor, Dewalt, Esco and Jet just to name a few.

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