Saturday, March 23, 2013

Magnetic Therapy Using Copper Magnetic Bracelets

With all the accessories available, there’s no doubt that bracelets always capture the hearts of every woman. It’s a piece of jewelry that are worn around the wrist or ankle for some that can add glamour or pizzazz to our wardrobe and total look.

Bracelets can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, gold/silver, thread, rubber, leather, plastic, cloth, beads, strings, wires and so much more. These days, layered bracelets are called “arm candies” and I have to say that I enjoy wearing them all the time.

Here are types of bracelets that we can opt to choose
1. Bangles – can be made of wood and other materials that has a firm or rigid uniformity
2. Beaded bracelet – made of beads that are connected to each other
3. Slap bracelet – made of flat materials and slapped on the wrist
4. Charm Bracelet - those that have charms, trinkets and other gems made of different materials
5. Sports bracelet – made of rubber materials mostly seen worn by athletes
6. Health Bracelet – believed to have therapeutic or healing capabilities. One example of these bracelets are
that are known to cure arthritis and other pain for decades already.

It only shows that bracelets are not only used to adorn our bodies but some types can also provide health benefits that we all can take advantage of. I remember back in the days when my aunt used to wear these copper bracelets that she believes have improved her health and well being.

Here are different forms/types of copper magnetic bracelets 

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