Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shopping Galore

Wooohooo.. I was out the whole day bec. a friend of mine and I went to the biggest bargain shopping mall here at our place. We started in mid lunch and ended almost at 6 pm. Wow, my legs sometimes could not take the long walk in and out of the stalls to see a good bargain.

Christmas is coming and i have started buying gifts for my relatives already. Although i haven't bought all in my list but at least i have started. I also bought a lot of shirts for myself and a bag too. I could not resist the big bargains that i saw over there.

Actually i have been eyeing to buy a new sandals but i can't seem to find the perfect one that will suit my taste. I just love shopping esp. if i have so money to spend, lol. I am so happy with what i have bought

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