Monday, November 26, 2007

My Canon Rebel XTi ( EOS 400d)

Oh i almost forgot to share this. Anyway, last Monday i went to Quiapo in Manila with a friend to buy my 1st DSLR cam. I asked Wanda, a co-bebot where can i buy DSLR with a good price and she told me that Hidalgo is photographer's haven.

So off I go to Quiapo and of course kinda afraid bec. of the sum of money i have in my pocket (lots of pickpockets there you know). I am so happy to buy this CANON EOS 400D (Rebel Xti) kit with a free 1GB Kingston Compact Flash out of my blogging money as a birthday gift for myself, isn't it great huh? I bought this at Henry's Store in Hidallgo. I also got a Lowepro camera bag, extra battery and a SANDISK Extreme III 4GB Compact Memory.

I am pretty sure digi cam prices are going down these days. Have you got yourself one today?


  1. hi...

    napadaan lang po sa blog nyo... hhmmm... i dont have a blog blog.. i only have a multiply account.. anywayz...:)

    i saw ur blog regarding your dslr.. i can say na im to pictures din pero dont have a dslr yet coz its to expensive... ask ko lng po how much and san nyo po xa nabili?

    i checked the price of the model your cam at its 40K.. same lng po ba sa nabilhn nyo..

    thanks and God bless..

  2. btw..its dianna.:)


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