Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jazz up any room with pillows

Pillows are one of the versatile items in the house. We use pillows mainly for sleeping but they are used for many other purposes. Pillows can be use as decorations in the living room; throw pillows are the most popular ones and I know that ever house have one. I always buy different colored throw pillows cases to suit the color theme that I wanted to have. I even bought sis some silk throw pillows that are made in Thailand and she loves it so much.

What I like about throw pillows is that they come in different shapes and sometimes the regular square shaped ones are boring already. I once bought a nice bone shaped pillow with matching case for my sister and that became a subject of conversation among her friends. Decorative pillows give spark and add beauty to any room. Don’t you just love hugging some nice pillows esp. if they are soft? A fairly new website that I found piloh.com, a division of downlite.com is making its way on the net bec. of the pillows they are offering. They are selling pillow forms like Feather Pillow Form
or Feather Pillow Insert with different types of fills too offering high quality US made. You can shop by either by fill or by diff. shapes from square, rectangle, bolster and more. So if you are looking for Insert Pillow and/or decorative pillows you can check them now.

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