Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Personalized Photo Gifts

Christmas is just few weeks away and have you started thinking what to give to your loved ones? Isn’t it tiring sometimes to think what gifts to give every year for a particular person, we don’t want to end up recycling old gifts just to give something right?, lol! Last night I am actually making a list of all the people that I am giving gifts and I was kinda shocked to know that I have over 20 godchildren but I know not all of them can’t come to my house in Christmas.

Anyway, giving gifts should also be in style and I reckon the best gifts that we can ever receive are gifts that are truly coming from the heart. Personalized Gifts are one of the best ideas that I found online at Vision Bedding and I think this is really unique. There are many excellent ideas that I saw and take a look at this Photo Blanket that I saw and it is 40"x30" in size and they have even much bigger size than that.. We can have our loved one photo in there and what a perfect gift it will be.

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