Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Car Purchase Soon?

We have been thinking about the vacation of my 2 sisters and their families from abroad next year for we are going to have a grand family reunion in many years. We are all praying that event will suffice since it's been years that we are not all together since they are all leaving in foreign lands already.

With our small van, there is no way that we could all fit in there. Of course we are going out of town so we need vehicles to take all of us. We actually have a van and a tamaraw but knowing they are not in good shape already purchasing a second hand vehicle is a good alternative but my mom told us that we are going to add more bills like annual registration, auto insurance and other paper works. With that said I am guessing that it will not push through and just hiring a vehicle is a good alternative for us. We will see..

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