Friday, December 12, 2008

Quality Tactical Pants and more

I think it was 2 episodes ago of XXX TV show (a local show) in Channel 2 where they showed the video of actual tactical operation of the robbery/holdup gang. They caught about 3 members of this notorious gang killing and robbing banks and establishments. It was so exciting to watch the footage and the CCTV footage of the actual robberies and I am just so happy that some of their members are finally caught and put to jail. They don’t deserve to be out and planning new robberies.

Thanks to the intelligence networks of our police and not only here in our country that violence and lawless criminals are being sought after my police agents. I reckon they are heroes of the society where they try to go after those crooks and end their wrong deeds. When they go on operations they always give their best and put on their combat gears that I believe should be comfortable. Just imagine going on a combat with a wrong gear and not comfortable? Police and military men for sure can’t perform well when their gears are like that.

One of the most important clothing that they must have are tactical pants and they should be comfortable when fitted. Police /Military officers should order quality supplies that they will give their officers. In fact, they really deserve to have that and I am afraid if our officers are not acquiring such they are shortchanging our tactical officers.

Here’s a site where you can order quality tactical supplies, not just style should be considered but quality and performance of the items. At they have wide selection of tactical pants, polos, shirts, uniforms, jackets, footwear and lots more. They also have bags, knives, belts and other accessories. It’s a one stop shop actually where you can get all those items.

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