Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Divisoria Christmas Shopping

I have been meaning to go Christmas shopping at the end of November but got too tied up with so many online and offline duties plus waiting for my sister's list for her shopping as well. Anyway, I went to Divisoria with a family friend last Wednesday (Dec. 3) and we arrived there about 12 noon already as we left the house a bit late already.

Our 1st stop is at the 168 Mall and I was overwhelmed with all the products that I can actually buy. Bought 2 blouses for myself at Juliana store and gifts for my relatives. Gosh they really have lots of customers bec. they sell blouses (casual or formal) at a cheaper prices compared to the malls. And here at Divisoria you can buy lots of goodies from clothes, electronics etc. I was able to buy lots and got so tired afterward. There are many people who flocked in the afternoon that even I had a hard time looking for the exit signs. Got home at 9 pm already hungry and with tired legs. Yay, its tiring but so fun to shop!

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