Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who Can Resist iMAc?

Ahhhhh I am drooling over this Apple iMAc desktop, wish I can afford to buy one of my own. Oh well, at least I had the chance to use one of this when i took a vacation in Australia this year. Sis JoyD have one and of course she allowed me to use it from time to time when she is not using it. I was actually overwhelmed the 1st time I used it being a Windows user bec. the screen was so big and the OS (leopard) and the settings are different from what I am accustomed. It has an enormous hard drive that is too big to hold on many videos, photos and other files, plus its graphics are crystal clear and has huge memory.

I also had the opportunity to use my nieces' MacBook, this is what I am using when I blog while I am there and just like the iMac i enjoyed using it for a period of time.

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