Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Impulse Buying

Oh yeah I know you are as guilty as I I know there are once or quite few instances where you got o the shops/malls without an idea what to buy for that day and when you saw that beautiful red blouse on the window of your favorite shop there's this impulse i you that you gotta have it. You went inside the store, got on the rack, you fitted it and in a matter of seconds you are already in the cashier buying it using your cash or that plastic money that you have in your wallet. You went out of the store with the sweetest grin in your face and your feet directing you to go another store hoping to find another item to buy. Don't tell me this does not happen to you eh....

An example of my impulse buying is that I passed by the perfume store and the salesmen where showing off their perfumes and asking me to try on their product. It was a perfume sale at that time in galleria and gosh i should have not passed there because, i end up buying CK euphoria perfume in a flash when the saleman told me it was on sale. I never really intended to buy anything that time but oh well, i made that purchase. But i have no regrets in buying that bec. that perfumes smells like heaven.

Are you an impulse buyer???

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