Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Acne Cures Revealed

Acne, one of the major problems every woman is facing. Not only women are affected but men as well. It is often times embarrassing to have zits on our face since the 1st thing that we look into people is the face. There are also people that no matter what they do and eat they will form big, reddish and with puss acne and that I believe is hormonal. A major treatment is needed for that and guided by their dermatologists.

There are many ways to combat these pesky acne aside from washing the face with water regularly and eating veggies and fruits but treatment creams or pills are also prescribed by some doctors. Here you can read top rated acne pills on the market today and fro your perusal. It's always safe to read labels and not always listening to someone's advice bec. treatment for 1 will not be ok for everyone.

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