Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't get broke when shopping

A lot of woman or majority of us really loves to shop for many reasons. Others shop as a hobby, others shop bec. they needed it, others shop to reward themselves, others shop to kill their time, while other do it bec. they just want to and some just shop bec. they are simply shopaholic. Whatever our reasons are women is already synonymous to shopping. Guys may joke at us that we are not “complete” of we don’t buy a thing or to in the shops.

There are however many woman who shop beyond their means or simply means that they buy or purchase anything they fancy about without realizing that they’re already going overboard or what they purchase in a month is more than what they are earning. This is really happening so this is no joke, other are being drowned with their credit card debts or money borrowed from friends or relatives. You don’t want this to happen to you, right? The worst thing is that you don’t want to end up selling a property or getting mortgage quotes to pay for the money you owe. This is such a hard truth, discipline and self control over our finances must be looked into. It’s not bad to shop but we need to have a limit.

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