Saturday, August 30, 2008

Katie Holmes sporting Boyfriend Jeans

Lots of photos by Katie Holmes wearing those boyfriend jeans are pasted all over the net. This new fashion has been imitated by many thinking that they will look like Katie when they wear that. In my opinion it looks kinda rugged and is not perfect to wear if you are petite and small like me. Not anyone can get away with this fashion trend so be careful or you might end up a fashion victim.

However if you feel like buying or trying one.. you can find one at victoria secret or levi's jeans.
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  1. i agree...

    or if you're not really tall and skinny, this aint the right jeans for you.

    pero ganda ni katie di ba =)
    EC dropping here.

    Something Purple
    Em’s Detour
    Living the Healthy Life
    Doll Me Up
    Vanity Kit

  2. i used to wear that kind of jeans when I was im my HS years LOL i just remember. Its cool. you just have to be yourself and be confident on what ever clothes you are wearing.

  3. I love them. Although rolled up pants look best on ppl with long legs, as they can easily make other ppl look like oompa-loompas. But, who said oomp-loompas werent cool, anyway :P


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